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    and a brief description why.

    well after my thread was trashed by oh I cant name names but indirectly bloss who upset ge.

    its back to the drawing board,so here goes

    for linda

    I know what you did last summer

    or rather this one

    linda goes on the rampage and culls everybody who says she isn’t American.

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    carry on camping

    mr q gets his bike out of the shed after being inspired after reading an enid blyton novel

    and calls on his mates Julian dick,ann and the slightly butch george

    and cycle to devon and stay on a farm where they have lashings and lashings of ginger beer

    and timmy the dog sniffs out a escaped murderer hiding in a barn.



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    all the boys love mandy laney

    which in fact they don’t so in a fit of pique laney packs her karaoke gear away

    and goes over the water to find love and marriage

    then tells all the boys in jc

    look what you could have won.

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    confessions of a window cleaner

    milky  sick of talking utter tosh ,finally gets off his arse and  buys a chamois leather and a bucket

    and sets up a window cleaning round,in a desperate attempt to peer thru trubs window.

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    Oh Orson,…… forgot my ladder as need to take off curtains to wash as well..

    Last summer, oops closing a family home of 65 years collections,sold 6 hours on market, never got to my own. Oh no this summer, we talk about, trying to move on and not be late on own personal goals to achieve..before winter..


    Let me help Mister Q. Need to give him some home made baked goodies, knit scarf in case gets cold. And give him my picture so he can remember and think of me on his long ride enjoying himself. Want him too……needs to get away from the rat races…..


    Laney did a fabulous job… met and finally found real love, romance, trust, partner whom she will have for a princess like herself living happily ever after..

    Jealous of that. Wish her dreams do come true.

    Perhaps myself should pack everything own, say goodbye to New York.. become resident of blackpool? How long before I do become a resident?



    Well, we will supervise later if job done good..

    As now him and I going to have a private lunch on my deck looking at yard, what next to do, oh hell, eat first…umm after?…….

    Let me know ending of the plot offered. Thanks….



    Orson very difficult to reach you to pm..several names come back, invalid user name. Would like to take out of public forum please……
    You decide. Have my confidence. Need to talk.

    Thanks for consideration….know may be difficult decision one may be not challenged before, but am asking please.


    the untouchables

    American mid west house wife tries to pm the author of this thread but gets completely ignored.

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 97 total)

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