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    PML no thanks linda. You all have a great week.

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    6 feet is not too bad.. 6’4 so what, raise a fist should reach jaw at right spot. His disadvantage.

    You not a chicken right..hell stand, show him what you got..

    Will patch you up when come back home.

    Have need to do the books/accounting for shop. Oh, one of my many assets, accountant work….
    Seems you are a little delayed today..
    Need lunch?


    are you trying to goad me into having a fight with gam linda?

    shame on you im a lover and a writer not a fighter

    besides I haven’t got a huge Johnson (sic)

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    Cosy honey..

    Oh no! Hee hee… Just not wanting you to appear weak/chicken. The big strong man have been told you know the blood of a well you know…gy..y!

    Well lover, do not know personally, maybe others will volunteer information up.. writer, absolutely..your own style very unique to say. Especially from a man who had issues growing up he told me once…amazed at your accomplishments. Think why I like you so…

    Now never answered poke..what are the rewards to the winner?

    No do not want you to get hurt. Need you so to help me with my job when I screw up..


    Still waiting for my film Cosy Toes ….


    Catfight at the Cosy Corral


    No sceptical……

    Dale Evans & Roy Rogers…. what 1952.. RCA

    Happy Trails To you……


    My device difficult to upload dedicated song to you……

Viewing 7 posts - 91 through 97 (of 97 total)

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