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    Is this a whos in with who post?……..LMAO RATF PML


    LOL… ive already said to thick linda….hiding isn’t my style. And as ive already asked and got no response from a previous post il lask again….you got any evidence for your pathetic accusations?…..NO ok shut the f u then.


    And give my regards to orson….RATF PML LMAO


    My granddaughter facetiming constantly….to show me what shes wearing especially if I have bought it for her….what shes eating…what she made…..then saying “wait there manji” …she toodles off and leaves me hanging!

    manji means grandma in Punjabi btw



    crackers :bye:


    My niece calling me on the phone and calling me Cācā, that’s Uncle in Punjabi, always makes me smile as she is learning so many languages at such a young age.

    I also like Carr’s crackers (Budha), lovely with some butter and a slice of cheese.

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    In our region we say Chacha..u do find slight variations in families and regions…..but my granddaughter also loves her Chacha….follows him around like hes some God lol

    A lovely dinner last night made me smile :-)


    Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins…

    All very small, and all make you very happy :P …

    Being serious though….

    1.) Dreyfer(My Doggo)… He has changed and still is changing my view of the world  in a very positive way, I would go as far to say that the little fellow has saved my life on many occasions.

    2.) Spring… The life I see forming around me on a daily basis is awe-inspiring, it tells me that things will always return to normal, nature is a powerful force.

    3.) Hope in others… Most people seem to have a hint of positivity in their eyes, many have found a way to focus on what they love, seeing that in people makes me feel more positive.

    To be honest.. I could spend the whole day thinking about this, I am sure I could list hundreds of things, this makes me realise how lucky I am.

    Regardless on what you don’t have, you still have things… the most important thing people need in my opinion, is the ability to recognise the fact that there is a tonne of amazing things that we should/could be grateful for around us all the time, it is just the matter of taking the time to have a good look at things, contemplate and be happy in the moment.

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    A perfectly made cup of tea.

    Someone bringing me a coffee in bed.

    Seeing the bottom of the laundry basket.

    Hugging a loved one.

    Feeling useful and of value.


    Finding a positive thread x

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    Womanly reminded me of something that makes me happy…. bottoms :)

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