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    So we’ve had ‘ abhorrent ‘, so keeping things light hearted, for a change, what little things in life put a smile on your face or make you give a satisfied sigh…. not sexual ! I wasn’t looking at Thin, I wasn’t !!!

    I’ll start with a couple there will be more though….  :yes:

    Fresh, clean , crisp, line dried, bed sheets

    Watching the dog tearing round the garden like a lunatic for the sheer joy of it

    Hearing a very elderly, VERY POSH,  very elegant , female patient say “ are these the tablets to make me shit ?”  I think you maybe have to see and hear just how sweet and very proper she is lol 😄




    “” you give a satisfied sigh…. not sexual ! I wasn’t looking at Thin, I wasn’t !!!”

    OMG I’ve just realised how that may look 😂

    Just to clarify , Thin has never made me sigh, sexually or any other way !! I merely meant we don’t need his satisfied sigh stories of that nature, just in jest obviously !!!


    As you were lol 😉   🤣🤣


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    When I land in an airport go through so much actually from start to finish and get to my final destination. Of course this means holiday related.

    Stretching out on a holiday not following basic hectic routines.

    Spontaneous sweet surprises!

    Not sure if what said above small but sure makes me happy!

    Butterfly that lands on my shoulder.

    Wild bunny rabbits that sit and continue eating not caring less you standing close by.

    A small child who really not knows how to express his/her feelings and uses puppet or stuff animal to act things out. A small thing that makes me happy.

    My COFFEE.. blueberry


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    Hmmm.  Brace!

    1. Handing my sister-in-law (bag-o-shite lobber) a selection of bite size ‘beef’ pastries with a few extra special added ingredients.

    2.  My dog rolling his eyes when I try to encourage him to sing Whitney Housten songs.

    3. LD.

    4. My Son doing his Chewbacca impression as he renders a wall over in Tuaregville.



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    PML @linda…give my regards to orson…


    Waking up thinking you’ve overslept and are late for work to realise it’s your day off and you can just roll over…..😌

    An M&S, smoked ham and mustard mayonnaise on soft oatmeal bread, simple but perfect….

    Watching my blind dog trying to catch a fat pigeon that has sussed out she can’t see and just moves 3 feet away … bless , the pigeon is funny tho lol

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    Realising I did the washing up already. Realising it’s friday, ergo nearly the weekend lol. Clean smooth bedding. My cat when he falls asleep face first on me after kneeding.The quiet in the early hours as the sun starts to come up slowly. Taking my bra off after a full day in it lol. The first coffee & Vape of the day. Finding an old song from when I was a teen, Finding that thing I lost ,finally. Waking up not having to rush about. The other half calling me a particular nickname. Remembering my sons hand after he was born,on a stressful day I remember that. This post made me consider just how many ‘little happys’ we have in a day. Good post :)

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    Just knowing Mooosey is constantly thinking of me is all I need to raise a smile 😍


    My mums little confusions…

    She calls Thunderball  a Rollerball and sometimes calls a Lucky Dip a Lucky Dick!!

    Reggae music

    Stevie Wonders song ♫ Isn’t she lovely ♫ don’t know why but I get so drawn into that song and it makes me smile

    My granddaughter

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    Remembering things that I still giggle about after many years.

    On leaving my house one frosty night my mum knocked on the door and said can I quickly have some warm water I’ve just spent 10 minutes scraping the ice off YOUR windscreen!

    When son was about 8 he was annoying me with constant questions. I snapped at him. “ I don’t know do I?” I’m not clairvoyant! He sulked and replied“ Anyway who’s she”?


    Receiving a jiffy bag through the letter box.

    Watching the birds flapping and splashing about in my bird bath.

    Eating two perfectly poached runny eggs on well done toast smothered in white pepper and salt.

    The smell of animals especially dogs.

    Picking the perfect Rose every summer from a bush a very dear friend gave me years ago.


    Watching a puff pastry pie rise in the oven.

    Getting my car MOT certificate!

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