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    hope i spelt that right hard work that,anyways what im on about

    do you believe in ghosts or what?

    1,should be polls on this but cba

    start again

    1,no ithink its bollox

    come2 i do waves hands frantically in the air ive seen loads(you know who im talking about there shush)

    3 uhhm im a bit this and that about it

    4 come on any ghostys tales anybody knows,,,,,,oi no lies i spot you a mile off

    i want facts



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    i used to see a tall dude watching me over the top of the toilet door every time i went for a number two


    I once had a Ouija board experience and it sort of validated (for me) that something a little deeper was going on. It started of with myself and some friends playing the Ouija board, and like anyone when playing with a group of people you never quite know if someone is messing about and moving the planchette. When everyone had settled down I decided to have a little play about on it myself, and I got talking to a man named Tim.

    Even though I believed I never was moving the planchette subconsciously, I asked Tim if he could prove that he was real, and I was indeed talking to a spirit over the Ouija board. He said he would blow on my chest, I never had a top on, and I said OK, and to my surprise he did and it was odd as I was sort of expecting a cold feeling but it was hot. Me being the optimistic person I am, I asked if I my friend who had now come over to shuffle the playing cards and place one randomly face down on the Ouija board, and he did. To this day I did not know what this card was, and my friend did not have his hand on the planchette, but it slowly moved to 2, and then C, and the card was the 2 of the clubs.

    I did do some research about the spirit I was talking too and the information he gave me, and it all linked up to a man who had died in a submarine.

    I also asked him what the spirit world was like, and all he said was that it was really fast and he was lost.

    I’ve never returned to using it again, not sure I want to mess about with it, as it was all very real what happened. Had friends had hands on the planchette and it goes to 2 & C, then yeah you think it’s a hoax, but I was very much in control of everything that happened, and I definitely felt the blow on my chest too.

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    i dont normally do likes  shaun but i can type just about

    so yeh credit where its due

    top post man.


    I believe in ghosts, seen an felt a few things that can’t be explained

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    come on jols tell us all about all your paranormal experiences


    ok well ive actually made love to a ghost its in one of my songs when i was in a band called the beavers

    i cant put it on but i can put the lyrics on if you want


    riding ghosts lmao…..heard it all now jols




    I believe in ghosts, seen an felt a few things that can’t be explained

    Oh I bet you have  :rose:

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