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    I believe in ghosts, seen an felt a few things that can’t be explained

    Oh I bet you have :rose:

    laughing my ………G head off….nice one shaun :yahoo:

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    I try and stay open minded. never seen one. my  mother told me a story when I was about 14/15 of her and a friend whom was into the occult. My mother didn’t believe her so she started chanting  something.. then grabbed my mums hand and yelled “run” . when my mum looked back over her should she saw a dark  robed figure like a faceless monk shaking a fist  at them.   I have no reason to disbelieve my own mother and have attended a meeting given by group whom investigate ghosts etc . 2 of the group recounted seeing a ghost themselves which is why they joined (formed) that  group.  gave a huge lecture on past . historical records etc  but at end of day we have to make our own minds up. I remain sceptical.  :unsure:

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    When I still had a waist and back in the day, I used to restore inglenook fireplaces back to their former glory. As I slowly peeled back the layers added over hundreds of years I most definitely experienced what can only be described as a released “energy” of sorts and which was present for a few seconds then gone. It was also extremely spooky finding old dolls etc. Or alternatively, it was because I was mostly working alone in old buildings being restored with no mains electricity and my mind started playing tricks with me in the eery glow of the fading light.



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    this little ditty is a song but ive amended it to a poem

    its called the spirit of love

    i could never get a proper relationship going

    with any normal girl

    but now ive found somebody

    whos really out of this world

    frankly humans bore me now

    id much rather be with her


    out of all the women ive been with i know who i prefershe came and visited me one night


    ok it was a bit of a scare

    but whos bothered about that

    cos we are having an affair

    you see my gf is a ghostshes been dead about 14 years

    i cant talk to her tho cos she hasnt got any ears

    so the only way we can communicate is to make love all thru the night

    and we really make the most of it she has too go as soon as it gets lightl

    and when she goes im alone and so depressed  i cant wait for the night to watch her get undressed

    right i think i will stop there it dont seem the same without music

    but theres loads more but anyway to cut a long story short

    i want her to live she wants me to die

    so we made a deal. to live in limbo

    so i can bonk her in the sky






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    I’ve had a few, I think quite in tune with that side.

    My earliest recollection was feeling a hand squeeze my knee. I broke down in tears as I knew it was my grandad. Don’t know why I thought or knew it I just did.

    In my teens I would walk home along a lane, high wall on one side and a building on the other, only one door. An elderly gent asked if I had a light leaning in the doorway. I didn’t smoke then so apologised. Carried on down the lane and heard foot steps behind me, turned to look an no one was there, went to carry on and the same gent was leaning against the wall and asked me again do I have a light.

    My friend worked in a bar, I was there at closing time as we were going to have an evening together. I helped clear up, a glass slid across a table when no one was near. We both seen it move! Regular occurrence in the bar, they call him ‘MrBoots’ as in the cellar there’s been the noise of old hobnail boots on the stones.

    At sea I’ve seen a woman dressed in white. A deckhand starting shouting in the middle of the night someone was trying to pull him out of bed. (We all put it down to a prank) I was on my on and would pace on the bridge to keep myself awake. Seen something pass the window, a white flash, thought it was a gull. Turn an there’s a woman in a wedding dress standing on the bow. I mentioned it to the skipper and his face dropped, “so you’ve seen her too!”

    I often see shadows or sparkles at the side of my eye. Just know someone or something is there.

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    I’ve felt similar things in places. Like you’re presence is disturbing something. Makes sense if it’s restoration work too. Perhaps they’re not happy with what you are doing.

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    it just had to be a ghost as last night i pulled in the pub took them home and gave them some proper good budha loving :good:   but when i woke up no one was here and my keys fell out the lock just under the letterbox….needless to say i was fuming as i spent over £200 on cocktails…oh wait there is a note…..flucking bitch robbed me…so i can safely say it was not a ghost :bye:


    I have shared my stories on these boards in the past here so I wont bore you guys again…..those experiences were from years ago…

    I did have a lot of “activity” recently though..things that happened to me that I had no idea were about until I went to see a Medium who clarified lots of things for me…..

    I definitely believe there is something out there….If someone told me the experiences I had recently…I probably would have said it was their imagination….but because it happened to me..its scaryish and comforting at the same time

    The medium also told me that certain experiences I had don’t happen to everyone but only people who have some kind of ability to tune into the spirit world….funnily enough…prior to seeing her and since seeing her I have had experiences that freak me out and cannot be coincidences……

    She told me she had similar things happen  to her before she started taking her profession more seriously realising she had a gift…..I told her straight away I do not want that kind of gift and nor will I be looking into channeling things further!

    Think of it what you will……all these experiences we have cannot all be our imaginations or dreams

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    It’s easy to tell if your house is haunted….. It isn’t


    hi pete x x

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