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"People's Vote"

What would your response be to so called "people's" vote?

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    How small a thought it takes to fill a whole life



    Ludwig Wittgenstein :yes:


    Think about it, and then think about it again, and again, until the full meaning sinks in.



    then listen to the saying set to the music of Steve Reich, and look at the beautiful pictures, and your life is put in perspective




    Could you please post evidence in black and white of where i made xenophobic accusations, made anti-semitic statements or accused the Rothschilds family of being in some form of German conspiracy? Thank you.

    You called what It disgusting and made a very long and detailed post about it. Well, I think false accusations about such vile things are disgusting as is character assassination, so if you’d oblige and provide the evidence to back up these completely false lies I’d appreciate it.


    I answered.

    I’m adding nothing more to any variation.

    End of for me.


    Now that film was truly amazing.

    When I feel disturbed here again, I’m going to look at that film.

    I’m going to bed peaceful. :yes:


    You are a very untruthful man and all can see it. I hope you sleep peacefully though I suspect you are being untruthful about that too.  Shame on you.

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    lol, shades of David Brent.

    Lol. He deludedly assumes he is the site ‘puppet master’, he doesn’t just yank strings though does he, no no, he ‘strokes’ them with passion, a lover on rose petal strewn silk sheets, on a moonlit, balmy night on a.. waterbed (from Argos) and not just any old puppet master of course, the ‘crème de la crème’ of puppet masters and as the Road Runner would say, Beep Beep.








    back to the chuckling duo

    i don’t tell lies. I take nothing back on the anti-Semitic thread.

    Does character assassination include calling me a wife-beater???



    So how humane is it to slit the throats of animals so they meet halhal conditions ?


    Thin, you may not be reading this any more after the Christmas break, but I’ll write it anyway in the hope of an answer.

    I know nothing about the attitude of the UK and of the EU to halal, so am hoping for a clarification – from you, not the Chuckle Twins, hopefully.

    I did read that the European Court of Justice recently prevented an attempt by Belgian Muslims to use religious freedom to justify the use of temporary slaughterhouses. The Court said that the ban on temporary slaughterhouses had nothing to do with religious freedom and everything to do with upholding the quality of EU standards protecting animal welfare and the health of consumers of meat”. Only licenced slaughterhouses can be allowed to arry out the practices.

    An advocate did argue three months ago that animals slaughtered under religious rules, such as halal and kosher, can be labelled as ‘organic meat’. This allows Jews and Muslims to be protected by the high guarantees of quality and food safety provided by the label ‘organic meat’. The advocate’s opinions are almost always accepted by the ECJ.

    This is a good thing, surely?

    From what I can gather, these are the rules which apply in the UK as well as the EU.

    You can argue for a ban on animal slaughter anywhere, of course, but that isn’t a specifically EU thing.




    As I some what hesitate to make a comment here as I am unsure who will say what..I merely propose this.

    I understand you have a deep passion for politics.. I also understand and read the frustrations of those in the U.k. and the unsteadiness that government does provide not only for your Country, ours as well..and the likes of the smaller Countries. However, I often say to people like you..if your passion that deep..perhaps you should try to run for an official office in which you can not only voice for your people, but strongly advocate for these changes. I understand debates are good. Also understand people’s perspectives are different depending the focus which is most important to them. BUT, to do that have to look at all angles..must be a good and even share that weigh the good rather the lesser for the people. That means in essence..not all will benefit every is a rather difficult job..but perhaps your strong energy can support in a forum in which provides you little power to make those changes. If they be large or small.

    Should consider….

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