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    To lose one British child on a foreign holiday may be regarded as a misfortune, to lose two looks like…………? :unsure:


    Poor Nora Quorin appears to have been found dead.  I see another Madeleine McCann circus situation. :-(


    If my 4 kids ever left my side whilst holidaying, I would be panic stricken. The oldest is 22 there is just no way would I let him  wander off on his own. These poor children had a full life ahead of them, things like this are truly  heart breaking stories to hear.


    To be honest….foreign countries lose far more of their own every year than British ones..not sure I get the point why British people abroad always seem far more important even though in the death toll they are often less significant in numbers?……

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    Something is a miss if they need to harm or murder children.


    If someone knowingly abuses their body during pregnancy which causes a child to die, should be hung for child murder in my opinion. On the other hand let their guilt torture them forever, hanging them would be to good for these vile nonentitys.



    The hangman’s going to be busy..

    Will the hangings be public, with us being able to take our kids with their sandwiches and sweets to watch?

    If there’s not to be any hangings – awwwwww. :negative:

    How is that going to deter anybody?? :unsure:


    You’re the deterent.


    Which almost sounds deep, but in fact makes no sense what so ever …

    anyway, hangings are so noughties !!!

    a good stoning is much more fun !! And crowd participation is a winner, plus the extra profits

    Sack  of loose chippings – 6 dinosaur eggs

    sack of extra large, free range, organic pebbles – 1 herb & garlic encrusted woolly mammoth rump

    etc, etc look at the potential !!

    And  the kids can join in !! For every sack of pebbles sold you get a small bag of non pointy gravel !!

    Its a winner winner T Rex Dinner !!!


    Who says society hasn’t moved on ? …. pah !!


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    Welcome to swap shop………..ill swap my double tape ghetto blaster for sceppers gramophone…..i’ll even throw in a Rick Astley cassette .LMAO  RATF PML


    Never gunna give you up, never gunna let you down. Sounds like someone talking to their tyres.

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