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    pml lmao ratf


    On a more serious note … what a terrible way for that young lady to die, wandering alone in the jungle for a week, she must have been terrified, and found only a mile and a half from the resort . Her poor parents must be imagining her terror …. unthinkable what they must feel. Terribly sad .

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    Wonder what everyone’s opinion on Goncalo Amaral being appointed as head detective to investigate the case of Nora Quorin.

    He critises the British police as he also headed the Madeleine ” Beth ” McCann investigation.

    He strongly advised the British police their parents were to blame.


    Goncarlo Amaral isn’t in charge lol. Jim gamble the top family protection officer from Scotland Yard is supporting the family as he did the McCanns.

    Amaral took forced retirement after his false allegations and total cock up of the McCann case in its most crucial early stages. The man is an idiot who only craves media attention ! Sounds familiar. God knows where you read that bloody nonsense !  Probably The Sun !!

    Anyway. RIP Nora

    my thoughts are with her family


    My thoughts are also with her poor parents truly heart breaking.

    Just hope Goncarlo Amaral does not read this or he would have your guts for garters, and dragged through the courts for libel.



    mooosey88 the more I read up about this Jim Gamble dude, the more his motives inspired me. So I took it upon myself to email this chap to ask if he would consider applying for a Forum Hosts job here, as it may gain him the Knighthood he truly desires.


Viewing 6 posts - 11 through 16 (of 16 total)

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