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    on the bushes


    ben hurt

    im not doing synpsies

    cos im sulking cos me threads been trashed

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    silence of  the lamb

    he wont talk to anybody  if you mention mint sauce


    Aging Bull.  story of a bull nearing end of breeding life and facing the :negative: abattoir.



    Pulp Friction.

    A story of forbidden love against a backdrop of intense cider making in The West Country.


    petty woman

    yep kentys at it again

    Says the “man” who told the room we’re dating





    A team of transgender superheroes unites to save the world.


    nice one folks



    Beverly ills cop.  story of a cop and another that partner up and save all crimes in their precinct  thus making Sherlock Holmes look thick. :mail:


    beauty and the east

    stunning lady sick of british mens antics goes seeking love in the orient.

Viewing 10 posts - 141 through 150 (of 151 total)

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