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    Shun of the Dead

    A man who becomes a zombie but is shunned by his new community


    The Hills are Live with the sound of music .   A festival  where  bands play loudly and locals get no sleep. :wacko:


    Now White.

    The Michael Jackson Story.

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    The Sum Of All Ears.

    Man works out the cost of an operation to make his ears smaller.


    Seven Rides For Seven Brothers.

    Seven brothers go to the funfair.



    Magic Ike.

    Ike Turner becomes a stripper to win Tina Turner’s love back.


    American Pie And Camp.

    The Village people make a film about how to look,dress,sing,dance like them.

    All together now Y.M.C.A.


    LE miserable

    sad tale about a grumpy guide who is that fed up with life

    she goes round booting people to make her feel better

    best bit of the film is she even bans herself



    Story of a daytime chat show host who couldn’t accept he is dead


    Dee Throat.

    A girl called Dee catch’s a throat infection and can’t speak 😂🤣😂

Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 151 total)

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