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    Seriously……..PML LMAO RATF on yer bike son and give my regards to orson.



    Did I tell you I have just bought “new mudguards” for my hardtail e-bike. Now mudguards are a must when you are ‘off roading’ in Lancashire, to protect the engine of course and the battery and to stop stones and debri cracking into your face and a leaving a muddy train all the way up your back.


    I do wear glasses for protection for my gorgeous blue eyes but unfortunately I broke them because they were probably cheap shit from China or somewhere. Let that be a lesson kids, make sure you buy quality accessories for your e-bike and don’t cut corners!






    Nope, it’s clearly still you,as you just proved Mr Q.

    Don’t worry, after everything ive seen from you so far, you’ll never lose your prize queen dick crown.


    PML……..good job im not the slightest bit interested in yer pathetic approval then innit? wondered when you’d jump out the woodwork…….



    Lol..atleast I jump out of bushes..softer..



    Lost spirits wander around the creeks in the floors, are they speaking to you. Mindless encounters of coincidence, strenghtens the act of the unknown.


    I repeat, “Just what is wrong with GEraldine,?”  :unsure:



    I repeat, “Just what is wrong with GEraldine,?” :unsure:


    I highly recommend an e-bike Wigan pie muncher and especially for an older lady such as yourself with a sedentary lifestyle (and a big fat arse). In case you don’t know how an e-bike works, which no doubt you don’t, i’ll explain.

    The obvious benefits are raising the heart rate, exercising that vital ‘muscle’ and the rest of the body, less obvious benefits are getting out the house in the fresh air, exploring areas you might never have visited in your local area and meeting new and interesting people etc.

    You see Wigan pie muncher, although the bike has a small “engine” you still have to ‘peddle’ (well I don’t because mine has a cheeky ‘throttle’) so you are in fact ‘working’ large muscle groups. Scientific studies have shown that people recovering from injury or with a sedentary lifestyle ride further on an e-bike and so burn more calories (they also get fitter), they ride further because the e-bike makes most terrain possible for someone recovering from injury, illness etc, or an unfit rider, hills etc are a breeze.

    Now you might think a decent e-bike is too expensive Wigan pie muncher but in fact it is possible to fit an engine on most modern bikes (not on your penny-farthing) and a lot cheaper than buying off the peg in a shop or online and this is the route I took. I have a reasonable quality hardtail mountain bike with a tried and tested engine fitted by a trained mechanic. Win win.


    If you ask very nicely I might even post some pictures of my e-bike with “new mudguards” to give you an example.



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    If you want a bike with an engine

    why not just buy a moped 🤔



    If you want a bike with an engine

    why not just buy a moped 🤔

    I have “two” motorbikes darling and up to more recently a car, but the purpose is getting fitter and losing weight.


    Not rocket science is it.



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