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    sorry I  cant do this pretending to be nice

    she trolled me 3 years ago over my dead baby with morg john and laughed over it.

    when I came back in the room she tried to pretend that she didn’t join in.


    she said ‘don’t troll her over her angel baby’ after I saw her laughing and joining in with it all.

    I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but she goads and literally gets off on the siding and bullying that goes on.

    she said ‘don’t troll her over losing a baby but hahahaha’

    I may have people say I’m a drinker and have no credibility

    that’s fine

    but I saw her 3 years ago laughing about me being trolled over losing my baby.  she told people I was so mental that I made it all up.  she told people I was lying.

    she laughed about it and said ‘hey don’t troll her over her angel baby’ then was laughing along with all the trolls because all she wanted was to be liked no matter the cost.

    she was dumped so now she has a void in her life shes tried to fill

    she wants the attention she lacks now due to being dumped.

    I’m sorry sara I remember what you did to me and I remember how much pleasure you got from your friends trolling me over my dead baby and father and how you faked being concerned but really just wanted them to like you

    you have not changed

    I know who and what you are.

    and I am not the only one

    and at least ‘mizzy’ is honest

    you are the enemy who comes up behind you with brick in your hand in the dark

    you are one to be watched because you are so good at pretending to be innocent

    you will team up with the bullies and enjoy yourself

    be everywhere

    be everyone





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    Ok if you did  a poll right now against me and sara

    she might win by votes :)

    but I would make a point of never leaving :)

    I know what she did years ago when I first joined and I know what her game is

    And if you think I am manipulative evil nasty and spiteful? look at her for real.  Would I ever go along and laugh about a woman losing a baby or stand by and say ‘oh you lot what are you like’ oh so funny haha come on shes ‘mental’ alas yes that is what she typed and I went back into the room and saw it.  I thought she was my friend, I really hurt me to see her laugh about me losing my child.

    I give you all 3 months to  catch up with me lol.

    I’m clever and you all seem to take ages to work it out.  you can all love sarapepsimax call me insane.

    I am not a liar.




    I will be banned and within three months you will all see what she is.


    I am hated anyway lol ive no point to make

    we all know who I am

    least I am honest lol




    I will be banned and within three months you will all see what she

    Don’t think it will take that long judging by what I saw in room lol.  :whistle:



    *shakes head*


    Mizzy and i have had our spats (and no doubt will carry on doing so) and there are some aspects of how shes dealt with her pics, details, etc being spammed that i might question but for Gods sake sara your posts are ridiculous on this thread.


    I stopped listening to that vocaroo about a minute in, its stupid, pathetic and childish.


    Mizzy has been accused of being the spammer to “destroy” this site and “drive chatters to her site” i can tell you now that in every single conversation ive had with her about her site, she doesnt want jcers there.

    She spammed her pictures and personal details off the screen, she did it for me too when mine were posted.

    So yes, its about the spamming.


    And i saw the comment of dont troll her over losing ababy but hahaha too. I remember it because i lost 4.


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    Hahahahahaha Jesus Christ this is the most satirical post I’ve ever read! Lol

    “how much attention seeking,site promoting,lies about JC members can you fit in one post” Mizzy : Hold my pint.

    One,photos? I saw you give a picture to someone posting your pic you claimed was abusing you and you said” post this one,I look better in this one pml”

    If your picture, an unflattering one, or topless (taken without your knowledge) and then posted over and over and over, wouldn’t you offer a better one? I get why Sarah did that. If she’s gonna have her pic spammed, may as well be one she chooses.

    Two, when I left everyone every morning accepted your apologies for the night before ,when you were drunk and when you were abused over something you’d been through,they got behind you even people who didn’t like you. When I came back I was shocked at how you were being treated even defended you on the boards but then I started to see the you now. Attention seeking,lying, I don’t know everything that has happened in 3 years but to pretend you’re some innocent victim everytime is just obtuse. I’ve seen you on more than four occasions start on people when they are saying nothing to you lol.

    We all know Mizzy is a nightmare when she’s drunk but credit where it’s due, she owns it.

    When I informed you that the data leak from your site was a breech,you claimed it wasn’t your site,and it was closed. Both lies. You are a spammer,and this? Lol let me tell you something,I read this five times and laughed so hard even with my sore throat it was worth the pain.

    How is this about spamming? It’s about you!

    Either you are a hidden comedian whose just written the most satirical post of all time or you actually think people are that dense that they’ll call for this diatribe of abusive attention seeking.

    Either way,thank you, I haven’t laughed that hard in over two months! Jesus.. funniest thing.. :mail:

    No. Your vocaroo was funnier.

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    That is one of the most funniest vocaroo’s (bar Riots Merlin lol)  and my god it made me CRINGE!!! – At one point i actually left the room and sat under the stairs it was that bad hahaha, It sounds like you’re constipated and having an orgasm at the same time??!?!

    The fake laughing? wow – dont be expecting an oscar anytime soon! When you bare in mind that you even pull away from the computer/phone to “Fake Laugh” then roll your chair back to rejoin the mic demonstrates how unhinged you clearly are!

    …and 7 MINUTES? really?

    My good mate Sarah likes to have a drink, and she can be funny and loving – and she sometimes has a little meltdown…but, what can I say, you sound like a bunny boiler, or in Sarah’s case a Piggy boiler (keep an eye on him Sarah hun)

    Sara have you considered sex line work? Obviously a cheaper version, like £00.01p a minute or something? (Inserts fake laugh)

    You’re calling out Sarah for being a bit of a drama queen and yet here you are doing just the same but worse…. “Theres that word again… Hyp….oc….risy” (Inserts Orgasm)

    Now I wasn’t going to comment what with my sore fingers “But it was so worth it!” (Insert yet more Fake Laughter)

    Whats funny before I sign off and Spin away in a fit of Orgasmic Laughter is that you claim to be an “Old Reg Chatter” BUT – if you were you’d know that contrary to your belief – you’re gonna get ripped to ribbons for this, a grown woman of considerable age (I’m detecting Mutton and Lamb and the subtle hint of Lavender and Patchouli Oil – quite the marinade there!) mocking another grown woman with elaborate amateur dramatics – this isnt the “Chicken Shed” – save that stuff for your premium rate phone work, you’d be a star! (Inserts yet more laughter and orgasms)

    Now I’ve got to go but all the best to you SARA, you’re gonna need it!

    Tee hee hee hee hee hee (Moans and groans) tee hee hee (More moans) tee hee hee (I think I shat – oops!)



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    (I’m detecting Mutton and Lamb and the subtle hint of Lavender and Patchouli Oil – quite the marinade there!)


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