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    This is it, by all accounts.

    She is ready to crash out on 12th April if her deal is defeated next week – and it will be. This is the most accurate reporting, and if you heard her speech and discussion with reporters in Brussels, the message was clear.

    The cabinet is falling apart, and she’s decided which way she’s going even if it involves 18 ministers resigning and an unspecified number of Tory MPs voting to bring her government down – which is quite likely, by all accounts.

    The EU has actually been acting in an exemplary manner so far – they don’t want their fingerprints on britain’s body as the nation commits suicide, and they’r the ones who’ve brought this to a head by imposing the timeline for action which may has been squirming out of for two years now.

    I say bring her down and start withdrawal negotiations again. It’s high time that Parliament finally took control and seized the rudder from the dead hands of this government and the right-wing dupes who control her actions.


    Hold on to your seatbelts – this is the most important issue since the end of the Second World War, affecting the way we live.

    hold on to your seat belts.


    Your dealing with right wing people they don’t think rationally

    they stripped a British citizen of citizenship for being groomed

    they think historical sex abuse cases and I quote are spaffing resources up a wall

    they Don’t believe in women having the right to choose an abortion

    they also think all immigrants come here for our amazing nhs which they voted against and chronically underfund


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    well, if we do crash out we do have a large pot of money saved up to modify the impact of a catastrophe.


    What a shame it wouldn’t go to the police, the NHS or education. They are in deep crisis already without this crap to deal with.

    We live in a semi-literate and innumerate country which is thinking of committing a grave act of self-harm.




    These forums are getting more like “Private Eye” everyday  I`m half expecting Ian Hislop to be waddling around waffling crap about the useless broomstick witch.  This is what happens when you have an old biddy trying to “run” a country with about as much finesse as a rabid donkey.



    Scep, I am currently sat under my kitchen table living off Pot Noodles and Muller Rice, all because of your doom mongering, when exactly is the Kim going to bring about armageddon? ………………. Oh I see you’ve moved on, you could have told me the new devil in disguise was named Theresa  :wacko:

    The only thing that would make you happy scep is a no brexit and to watch democracy die a slow death.


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    Scep, I am currently sat under my kitchen table living off Pot Noodles and Muller Rice, all because of your doom mongering,

    Let’s hope that your diet is over soon, Reason.

    Something tells me that a liberal democracy – a democracy with guarantees of human rights – will  survive a soft Brexit or even, most sensibly, rejoining.

    Thanks to the EU cracking stupid British heads together and forcing a decision, we’ll be able to tell soon.

    Now off to join a



    No photo description available.


    First rule of sceppers posts….say what he wants to hear and he’ll like your comment or comments…..I suppose that’s really what politics is all about……


    Well you no politician Q. Nor comedian for that matter either. Have your fun yet today?


    LOL the bitch is back….yawnsssssss

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)

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