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    That’s sort of all I wanted to say. Well I thought it was funny,lol.

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    Haha doncha just luv that word irrelevant

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    But have to say relevant is a better word ūü§£ūü§£

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    Ooh I do..I do…lol it seems more apt ,lol

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    Oh of Course lol  

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    I love threads that make you sit back and think.

    Well done girls.

    mmmm so:

    The thing that does not matter matters?

    You started a thread about the thing that does not matter mattering?

    The summary of what irrelevant means is that it is not in itself important

    The summary of what relevant means that in some respects it is important.

    I had no idea how philosophical you ladies were.

    So can either of you tell me what makes things ‘irrelevant’ and what makes things ‘relevant’?

    This is a fascinating discussion.

    So for example a watch.

    On its own is the cog important or ‘relevant?’

    A separate set of wheels, the motion work, divides the motion of the minute hand by 12 to move the hour hand and in¬†watches¬†another set, the keyless work, allows the hands to be set. Escapement. … It consists of a¬†gear¬†called an escape wheel which is released one tooth at a time by a lever that rocks back and forth.

    All parts of that watch needs its elements in order for it to ‘work’.

    What is often deemed as ‘irrelevant’ can often be the most relevant.¬† A jigsaw piece on its own is relevant to the great scheme of things – i.e the puzzle in order to complete it.

    You bring up a very good point, can the irrelevant ever be relevant?.  As far as the working of mechanics are concerned yes as the individual pieces they may seem irrelevant but so very necessary should you want those mechanical things to function.

    If you are in fact talking about people or a person?¬† Then you starting a thread about a person being the irrelevant relevant is making them ‘relevant’.¬† If you are talking about yourself I suggest you give yourself a break and dont be so hard on yourself.

    If someone is so ‘irrelevant’ why make them ‘relevant’ by starting a thread about them?¬† I can only presume that the ‘irrelevant relevant’ is you talking about yourself as if you were aiming that thread at someone else it would make zero sense at all as you would be making them ‘relevant by making the thread about them – ‘ the total and complete opposite of them being in fact ‘irrelevant’.

    I hope you feel better about yourself.

    I am sure you are relevant to someone.

    Or you were just highlighting mechanics?

    If you were, then you are on the path to understanding engineering or mathematical equations.


    JC has all the brainiest women!

    You both ever thought about string theory and about how to put a square cube into a round hole?

    I bet if you both put your minds together you could accomplish amazing things.

    Postman Pat puzzle today! Lego tomorrow!

    There is no mountain you cannot climb.


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    They have gone quiet.

    its that pesky puzzle piece of postman pats far right corner piece of shrubby in his garden.

    them corner pieces are so tricky,  It being green really threw them both off.


    Being Phillasophical takes time, they have to google what Phillasophical means in order to react.

    lady power!


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    do you ever get bored of putting stupid people in their place?

    I might do a 7 h0ur vocaroo about it.


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    i wanted this

    what did i get?

    some twatty spoilt angry twat.


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