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    well i tell you what ange,if that is your idea of fun,id hate to be sitting with my chestnuts roaring by your open fire watching tv

    its just not funny at all,they arent the 2 ronnies,ant and dec,morecambe and wise

    more like the krankies or the chuckle brothers  to me to you

    its just repetive nonsense,and it obstructs other chatters,yeh yeh yeh i keep getting told to iggy but that disrupts the flow of others posts

    i really cant beleive a site of this magnitude and 1000s of members  lets one moron run chat


    it just goes on and on and on and on and on


    it shouldnt be all about me ,me,me,or should i say moi ,moi,moi

    this is ,well it says in just chats title,is a communal board ,i,e community

    communism==equal for all

    do you get where im coming from now?


    Well hello Cosy, may I be the first to congratulate you on your high flying position, its on the up and up for you now, I wish you many happy times on your high horse xxx



    oh goody somebody has told gucci how to use boards at last

    now i can speak to the horses mouth, hey gucci welcome

    would you mind if i interviewed you in here,nothing heavy just a few questions like?


    learn to do pics gucci,stop the ipgs its not good luv ok xx


    Well neighyyyyy Cosy, and thank you. One doesn’t need a degree to go on the boards. I am full of surprises Cosy dear.


    gucci you will never ever take me on the boards,now go and sit down and ask moi what enid blyton book he is currently reading,i dont swear on boards guccii>>>why?

    simply because there is no need,aka louis armstrong,ive got all the time in the world

    im aware youve just fathomed how to get on boards,but chat and board speak are two completeley,2 different species

    word of the wise gucci ,learn to walk before you can run.


    All in good time Cosy dearest.  Gosh I wouldn’t dream of taking you on the boards Cosy, you being a pro. You seemed a tad agitated though, having a bad day are you. Cosy Cosy Cosy

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 73 total)

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