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    yeh so i see the big fat oracle aka ld has banned me from chat,so much for freedom of speech eh?


    dont matter,


    ban me from the boards please…ty



    for what,saying my piece

    hey any new boardies say what you like ,but dont say to much




    i did a 6 month sabbatical for 6 months,i can easily do a year

    hmm ld banning me from f3,er id give that 2 mins till i get back,but do i really want to ?

    only wanted to go in the quiz,anyway im back these days of shifting eh what a bugger eh



    Cosy, you only have yourself to blame, time to give it a rest, don’t you think xxx


    no point


    the luvvies have won


    FFS …. give it a bloody rest will you. You’re like a couple of squabbling  kids !!!





    oi arc you fckblaster all i said was dont ban me ld cos i wanted to go on quiz tonight,so the wicked witch of the east spotted this and banned me,so GD,if you read this its not my fault im not there,blame the lebbo cake maker xx


Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 73 total)

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