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    oi arc you fckblaster all i said was dont ban me ld cos i wanted to go on quiz tonight,so the wicked witch of the east spotted this and banned me,so GD,if you read this its not my fault im not there,blame the lebbo cake maker xx


    Talk to the hand …. no helping some folk !



    Are their parents around


    i m a getting a feeling omg lets not upset ld…pah whos that dancing in the red dress ,yeh mon and she has the temerity to ban me,,,ive seen it all now,,,ycmiu.


    Lol you’re right on one. Am a curious about what “ycmiu” stands for? …… or shouldn’t I ask?  :whistle:


    you couldnt make i up





    Ah ok, at least it’s a lot tamer than I imagined.


    as in roseyou couldnt make her up either,the biased bint,shes always hated me,nothing new to see here folks..just move along,the problem is with this forgetful  git,she only comes on once a week,pissed on a sunday,,aah yes its sunday ,must be ban cosy day,then she forgets all week shes banned me

    hosts eh?


    hey reason,course theres no biasness with guides or hosts  thats why soul was bleating to ld on the phone to ld,and  liv fem was skriking her arse off,saying liar liar time and time again

    rounding up on laine for no reason,little do they know laine could lose them with intelligence

    id stand by laine anytime than them dullards xx


    and before you s tart having a go at me soul ive known you yonksvilles 11 plus

    wtf are you playing at ringing hosts?,thats like ringing the police ffs

    shes no police,shes a banner,i dont like her

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 73 total)

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