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    I’ve been here many years wether that be on the boards or chat rooms, but I’ve now come to a point in my life where I get nothing from either of them,

    no disrespect to anyone, in fact throughout the years I’ve gained a few lifelong friends.

    However recent visits to the chat rooms have done nothing but bore me and I’ve nothing to gain from them or give to them

    so it’s my time for leaving Just Chat, take care everyone, Happy Chatting  :bye:

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    Take care, Laney.

    I’ve noticed your name in the chat room for many years, but we rarely talked. Still, goodbye.

    I’s sure the chatrooms must have a lot of interesting talk and good friendships, but I don’t visit often enough because there’s nothing like that when I pop in.

    There is the occasional interesting chat on the boards, but mostly I come here to articulate my ideas and feelings, hoping that some good person will respond, if only emotionally, when reading them.

    I’m sure that before long I’ll end up like the Irish loon, Thomas Dun,n in the Sebastian Barry play, The Steward of Christendom, writing down memories which seem more real than the day.

    I loved Dunn’s description of when they first brought his new baby daughter for him to hold – And there was a little face in the midst of the  linen, a little wrinkled face, with  red skin, and two big round eyes seeming to look up at me.I pledged all my life and heart to that face, all my blood and strength to that face all the usefulness of my days to that face”.

    Writing like that – I’d give much to write like that.

    So farewell, Laney, and take care of yourself x


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    Sad to hear that laney….although…i am presuming that if you’ve gained a few life long friends here you will be catching up on all the gossip here  or there at times?…..LOL…..

    I often wonder why i am here or was here or will probably still be here at all…..guess i just like it here regardless of what else may happen……

    You got married some time ago laney….different roads open and different choices to make……and yes….it’s no shame to say this place does nothing for you any more…

    That’s just the way it is….all the best laney…(whispers some thing to my self that is inaudible to any one else) then does a heart rockin’ LOL RATF LMAO

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    Only Dunn can write like that sceppers…that’s why he’s Dunn… order to reach people you have to speak and write for your self…ok, others may move you but that’s no excuse……


    Dunn didn’t write that, mister q.


    Sebastian Barry wrote that. He has a style all of his own. He’s just brought out a novel about the US Civil War, supposed to be very powerful.


    I would love to be as good as  number of writers, and I can point to them. No law agin it yet.

    But I do write and speak for myself. You may not have noticed, but others have. That’s why they don’t like me



    Stares in the distance



    cya if u are a kind person


    Shame to see you go laney but i know what you mean the rooms or boards aint like they used to be wish you all the best x

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    Take care Laney and all the best xxx

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    I know what you mean sceppers the battle of agin court ain’t what it used to be…..LMAO RATF PML


    So what did they used to be like angel?

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