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    I don’t know what it use to be like, but I sure know Mr. Q. that due to recent entertainment by your female friend q. At times seekers of attention can make this place boring and down right ugly… u openly spew whom u not like and not associate with those that may, I would say that may present a issue in my opinion.

    So as I may be friendly with cosy and milky therefore I have been grouped as a negative person as well….so  u not associate with me. Ummmm..i see issue here, don’t you? I am not them. What u all do is not a reflection of what I do. And u openly said this in another board area discussion u not associate with people who associate with Orson kart, cosy…

    By the way…my pic has never been exposed in jc as I have repeatedly stated I have a contract with my employer. So your challenge to milky to post us up together rather negative against me. Your comment, banter or joke, or dry sense of humor, about no pictures of us in bed an insult to me as well. As u not know milky personally that comment a low belt slap in face to me….directly.  Thank you..

    We are on holiday as both of us have said different times on boards. Time change has both of us little messed up but we been busy and happy. I suggest u want more details on milky and I, if we exist, if true, u ask Bellevue in f3. We spent few hours together yesterday and had a fabulous fun time. Actually a blast. Bed details not needed to share by the way.

    You have nice day Q. :bye:


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    Its been a real pleasure to know you sweetie, you take care and have a happy life xxxxx keep smiling.

    PS  if you ever get divorced and you finally come over to the right side you know where to find me lol xxxxx

    be happy

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    this is interesting i think laney has actually gone now but people are still posting on the thread

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)

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