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    Haunting sounds as the waterfall flowed the waters broke in a grim splashing sound on the pavement below, the daunting whisper of public transport passing by emerging to a hault. Then in a pool of wine, sitting alone people staring feeling inebriated nauseously wavering like an unloved leaf. Focusing only upon the dread you self consciously brought upon yourself, your pilot says. ” last stop ” without asking if you were ok, drenched in ghostly rivers you waddle around like a duck. The whistling in the distance, only to know that’s a train station. Those tiny feet echo like boring rain drops, all your hopes along with your dreams. The darkness passes the sound of their feet become more apparent, hold on a voice says in the distance. You spin around and no one’s there, your conscience rises up stomach tries to tighten. Walking on dry crunchy  leaves, the sound of tiny feet get louder, a whispering slipper in your mind.


    I sincerely hope this isn’t about what I think it might be……


    Yes you’re correct it’s a ghostly story.


    I hope so…..


    Ghostly stories have to have an edge, wouldn’t you agree. Otherwise no one would be in suspense, yes indeed it’s ghostly when the spirits won’t rest. Great minds n all that, thought you weren’t interested in my essays, as it sure proves you’re by this stalled respone.


    The sun is shining so I have decided to pop in my ghost mobile, anyways as I drove past the toby inn in heaven and thought wow I really am in  heaven,  hoorah when the bacon and sausages were  ready to eat, you could eat as  many as you like with shovel fulls of plummed tomatoes, as many hash browns as the plate could handle, mushrooms, beans, scrambled and fried egg, what more could a delightful ghost have wished for only to see an unlimited fanta orange refill offer shining like Sirius. So as I stuffed my extra large face in sheer delight I thought why not send a howling call to my new partner goody ghost to see if they would like to visit Bournemouth beach with me today, light appeared as I heard a funny noise from my behind and out popped my new partner goody ghost the air filled with a delightful lavender fragrance and off we went with our expensive sun loungers we borrowed off some unsuspecting holiday makers which we will return when the sunsets.

    So as I speak out from my behind from a sacred unknown destination, my new little friend goody ghost types for me through an abnormal ,yes their bottom. The eye candy on this beach is second to none, thing is being a ghost, I don’t need ray bans. Just sent my new little friend for some ice creams with extra sherbert and two flakes with all the sauces, as I truly cba as I feel so lovely and happy today watching  and listening  to the waves and the beautiful way the sun sparkles off this clear blue water in these wonderful tranquil surroundings.

    So, as I have my feet up and my new little friend dropped their ice cream in some dog dodoo I will indulge you further as to how nice it is here at Bournemouth beach licking my ice cream slowly enjoying every second of this sheer fantasy of goody ghost watching me eat mine as they had dropped theirs, I know, I know I hear you say ” what an awful ********* ” but who cares what you think I’m having the time of my second life here.

    You just need to stay on the right path like I did and you earthlings will end up in heaven like me ;-)


    Bournemouth is your sacred unknown destination? :wacko:


    Bournemouth is your sacred unknown destination? :wacko:

    Only for today yes Bournemouth is my sacred now known destination, life is a mystery until you die then you can go anywhere you like. But only if you took the right path on Earth my friend.


    Must be the old karma talk………………you know what….im going to leave every thing in my will to my self so when I come back…I can inherit it all……..LMAO RATF PML

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    Tiny feet tiny feet shuffling to a daunting beat.

    Regrets regrets bitter and not so sweet.

    Stumbling upon doused sprits and drown souls.

    Mumbling in lost rooms in tattered old households.

    Cries become apparent reaching out for their mentor.

    Whistling sounds tiny feet hurting to the core.

    Wanting to be set free just let them go.

    They never wanted you their love just for show.

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