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    I’ll be ‘welcoming’ Trump tomorrow, that’s for sure.

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    Campaign groups and trade unions have organised a schedule of protests to follow Donald Trump on his visit to the UK next week, including a six metre angry baby balloon that will fly over Westminster from Parliament Square.

    Demonstrations begin next Thursday evening at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, and in Regent’s Park, London, near to where the protesters believe the president will have dinner, and then at the US ambassador’s residence, where they believe he will stay the night.

    The “Trump baby” balloon is due to fly on the Friday morning, after campaigners raised £16,000 to pay for it and the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, gave permission for it to fly. “The mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms,” a spokesman for Khan said.”

    Just watched a BBC news correspondent saying how peaceful it was and that Mr Trump will have a peaceful sleep as no protesters turned up so far…. he did add that 2 grandparents turned up with their grandchildren’ s  rattles but left after 10 minutes….. just sayin’


    They raised £16,000 to pay for a baby balloon of Trump, just think what good that money could have done for some underprivileged families, also read an article from a BBC correspondent ( sorry forgot name, I’ll look it up) who wrote how his wife was ostracised by the ‘Mums at the school gate’ in London, when they found out she and her husband had voted OUT..  They just could not fathom it, one said ”people who voted out don’t deserve a vote, I’d sack my nanny and staff if I found out they voted out”. His main point was not that they had political differences, but that they just could NOT accept that people had different views and were NOT necessarily, Northern, poor, uneducated, idiots !  The fact a well educated couple, with a decent income living in London voted leave was beyond their comprehension. They were immediately ‘unfriended’ and invitations to a once pleasant social circle ended abruptly.  Its amazing isn’t it. just how shallow and bullying people become when they don’t get their own way lol.

    just sayin….


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    I agree with mooosey. How sad homeless, and those that can benefit from funds could have better use of it then a wasted balloon..what a crapy Mayor to allow the people’s money to be wasted as well. Ur money your Mayor pist away…..stupid..I tell him to my face if I was a UK resident. Trust me on that one..

    American people have always been respectful for any high ranking official who visited us, or in a community.  With the exception of kadafi years ago. That pig wanted to set up with a tent and his harem not far from Trumps home. The communities surrounded that, including myself HAD fought our elected officials. HELL NO……he packed his tents, harems and moved out real quick. No balloons offered but death threats big time….this I swear happened..His army got scared…




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    Scep how kind of you to pay your respects to our President. Regardless of what u feel personally, a visit nevertheless should be accepted and very welcomed. Never know. As I understand he trying to help UK so u don’t move scep and need green passport. What was it Ireland.? Heeeee..Lol. x


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    Hi Linda x  Scep was once a decent friend to me, however its perfectly obvious that when political/ religious divisions occur true colours come out.  I have many friends of differing political and religious persuasions, never though have I felt brow beaten or ridiculed by holding different opinions than theirs. We can all post News Cartoons. Fake news on both sides, anyone who doesn’t see that is an idiot.

    There is no right or wrong.

    There is only compromise, unfortunately the Die Hard Remainers would rather waste time, money and credibility to make leavers lose face and look stupid. It all comes down to ‘we win’ in the long run ,  the same type of people think its ok for an animal to  be unworthy of respect as they are not human.  So wise in some ways yet so limited in other ways.



    and he’s costing £10 million for policing alone. Why not mention that in your concern for ‘the poor’, who are being made poorer by Trump’s trade policies and brexit conmbined?

    Perhaps he had best not come.

    I don’t want him here, or anywhere.

    And most British people really don’t like him, according to polls.

    He’s a president of the rich, for the rich, voted in by many ordinary people who have been fooled into thinking a loudmouth can solve all their problems.

    A disgusting  racist who encourages violence, insults hispanics, and imposes a policy which separated children from their parents until the outrage from ordinary Americans (many of them poor) forced him to backtrack.

    A man who has taken fake news and emotional abuse in politics to new heights through the Far Right network which  brought us Brexit.

    A man who is launching a trade war to undermine US prosperity and the prosperity of the rest of the world.

    A man who has launched a huge tax cut for rich people, creating a major budget deficit. The small gains for ordinary Americans, many of them Trump supporters, are going to be more than wiped out by the trade wars if they develop (as they are developing).

    A man who openly insults women.

    A man who threatens the climate through his withdrawal from the Paris Conference and his plans to sell major tracts of wildlife beauty to the rich for development.

    A Mussolini strong-man who has emptied the ‘administrative state’ and literally makes policy by tweet, but is trapped by the US Constitution, with its separation of powers.


    a Brexit Britain will be desperate for his money, and he will be looking at a bleeding British economy in the way that a shark looks at a bleeding man in the  water.

    Is it any wonder that he’s furious about the way Brexit is falling apart, as a third popular vote on the EU (unlikely to be the last) looks more and more likely by the turn of the year?



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    That is certainly Trump’s attitude.

    His amazing intervention last night when he attacked May’s Brexit policy is a mind-blower.

    Rude? of course, But that is Trump’s trademark.

    But he wants brexit because he sees the UK as a killing field for US power and money.  A weak Britain under Boris (and the economy is already being sapped), is exactly what he’s after.

    May’s Brexit plan will not survive as it is. It’s going to be modified by the EU in negotiations, and it’s unlikely to survive in parliament no matter what it looks like in October-December.

    Trump’s proclamation that a UK-US trade deal is dead without a sharp brexit is not news.

    He’s the enemy of this country, and more and more people are beginning to wake up to that.

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