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    Hi Linda x Scep was once a decent friend to me, however its perfectly obvious that when political/ religious divisions occur true colours come out. I have many friends of differing political and religious persuasions, never though have I felt brow beaten or ridiculed by holding different opinions than theirs…

    There is no right or wrong. There is only compromise ..

    No idea what this is about. I’m not unfriendly to you, Ms M. On the contrary, as I’ve said before, the more I knew you the more I respected you. You have a family to die for, and a great sense of humour. You’ve been attacking me recently, but I’ve not responded and if I can I don’t intend to respond.

    I try to keep politics and friendship separate. I have a close friend I’ll be seeing this afternoon before going on one of the many anti-Trump demonstrations being held today throughout the UK. I see her most Friday afternoons, and look forward to it (and no, it’s not an affair, not even near). She is a very sharp Brexiteer and we’ve had some upsetting arguments, but we get over them.

    If Linda wants to end a friendship with someone who hates Trump’s guts, then there’s nothing I can do about it. I argue my case strongly, but so does she – and so do YOU, Ms M.

    I don’t hold any grudges against anyone here for their politics. Rudeboy’s politics are an abomination to me, but he’s upfront, he argues his case seriously, he takes his politics seriously. I tease him about Rocky, but I don’t dislike him. I do dislike his politics, mind you.

    Even Gerry, who goes apoplectic whenever he decides to attack me, and openly says he wants me to leave..even Gerry..

    I also believe in compromise. Being in the EU involves a lot of compromise, and I want us to rejoin, but I doubt it will happen quickly. I’m opposed to a second referendum, and I don’t want one at the end of this year, though there’s now a distinct possibility. Attitudes have hardened on both sides by all accounts, and a referendum campaign could be pretty rough. We can have a third (and fourth) vote on the EU without it being a referendum.

    I’m sure this won’t mollify you, Ms M, and as I like you still I’m sorry it won’t mollify you, but that’s how I see it.

    Trump go home



    Even Gerry, who goes apoplectic whenever he decides to attack me, and openly says he wants me to leave..even Gerry..

    You have done it again Septic, haven’t you, dragged me in to your constant JC shittery yet again.

    You pepper these boards with your fake news, lies, misinformation and liberal propoganda and get rude, offensive and downright aggressive when you are challenged.

    It isn’t worth getting into a grown up debate with someone who just repeats themselves over and over again like a manic parrot.



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    Wow, relationships based on opinions from political views. For me, people’s opinions are merely that. True friendship not destroyed or gained merely to agree with other on their own views. Friendships are more than that in my opinion.

    What bothers me frankly,  your Country has has had worse leaders of Countries visited and treated with more respect than our President. As far as protest, I care less, he has them still here. Do you think he really cares.? He there to take care of business, help if can. Take it or leave it. Trying to help make things better that work through experience. He knows, knowledge. Offers assistance. Common courtesy of leaders and it’s people cost nothing. Ignorance cost people much whom not know just read in papers, listen on t.v. to bias media whose work ethics compromised using mere opinions to report, not facts provided, implemented and seen.

    May stepped into office when some one left I understand. She your leader. You not like her, well up to people to fight her. Spend your time on that. Seems people in London should focus and waste money on a balloon for her, not wasted on Trump.

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    For those who tell Trump go home…worry about your own home. You have more reason to be scared how u live. His Presidency has given me things back in which my adulthood, hardships and lessen money has worried me much. I am breathing little better. I am glad when he comes home. He my leader.


    GO TRUMP……


    Good point linda, May is the one causing issues love to see a balloon of her.



    But the rent-a-gob liberal middle class, from within their privileged London bubble, are not protesting about the 8 year ideological war being waged relentlessly on the disabled, sick and poor.

    When that same class voted Brexit en masse, the rent-a-gob liberal middle class immediately branded them as uneducated, xenophobic, racist bigots. Further demonizing them and alienating them but ironically increasing support for Brexit in the process.

    The rent-a-god liberal middle class only protest against an American President because they are a lazy, self entitled class who spout on about the things that don’t matter and ignore the things that do because it doesn’t affect them.

    You reap what you sow.



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    The rent-a-mob liberal middle class constantly spout on about Trump regarding immigration in mock indignation because they are too ignorant, in that ‘cosmopolitan’ bubble of theirs (not) to understand exactly the same policy is standard here in the UK and across Europe. The snout in the trough brigade don’t need an excuse to demonstrate how important, they think they are and by protesting against Trump they think they demonstrate it.


    “The British government is separating children from parents who have been taken into immigration detention – the practice that brought worldwide condemnation for the Trump administration…”



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    Image may contain: 5 people, suit and text

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    What song are they singing sceppers?……The winner Takes it All?….LMAO…..good to see you are still here sceppers…….Rocky 4 is a good one……Burning Heart set this off………the lyrics sort of say….is it East Against West or Man against Man?……..

    Rising like a spider…ain’t that some thing to do with Robert the Bruce?


    By the way…you have to remember….(although Trump is Mr President….) he always thinks money….

    Ronald Reagan always thought films……i remember Charlton Heston being in a few films…..LMAO

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