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    Arnold was in some films but he could only make it as far as California i’m afraid….must have been the Austrian accent…but don’t worry…he’ll be back…LMAO RATF


    Dumberer and Dumberest


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    Future President Donald sings from the musical,  Camelot,  to his new bride, Melania..


    How to handle a woman,

    There’s a way, said the wise old man,

    A way known by every woman

    [pause, then a weary wave of the hand]

    oh, since the whole rigmarole began…

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    For a super intelligent man, well read, you are really lowering your standards …


    Scep.. seriously what wrong with u.?

    Trump did say wanted the relationship with British to help both economy.  TRADE. Your screwed up laws and so forth come from your leadership not ours. He even told people your Primister responsible on decisions she makes, laws enacted, not him. Leaving that to her.

    I am extremely disappointed in your anger which is placing all the blame of your people, our problem. We started it. Not so..Trump offering suggestions that all to help.

    I have known u awhile scep. We have had disagreements about Trump before. But this lowering of yourself concerns me greatly. GO HOME TRUMP. WE NOT WANT YOU HERE..WOW SCEP. .. :unsure:




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    and he’s costing £10 million for policing alone. Why not mention that in your concern for ‘the poor’, who are being made poorer by Trump’s trade policies and brexit conmbined?

    Perhaps he had best not come.

    I don’t want him here, or anywhere.

    And most British people really don’t like him, according to polls.

    He’s a president of the rich, for the rich, voted in by many ordinary people who have been fooled into thinking a loudmouth can solve all their problems.

    A disgusting racist who encourages violence, insults hispanics, and imposes a policy which separated children from their parents until the outrage from ordinary Americans (many of them poor) forced him to backtrack.

    A man who has taken fake news and emotional abuse in politics to new heights through the Far Right network which brought us Brexit.

    A man who is launching a trade war to undermine US prosperity and the prosperity of the rest of the world.

    A man who has launched a huge tax cut for rich people, creating a major budget deficit. The small gains for ordinary Americans, many of them Trump supporters, are going to be more than wiped out by the trade wars if they develop (as they are developing).

    A man who openly insults women.

    A man who threatens the climate through his withdrawal from the Paris Conference and his plans to sell major tracts of wildlife beauty to the rich for development.

    A Mussolini strong-man who has emptied the ‘administrative state’ and literally makes policy by tweet, but is trapped by the US Constitution, with its separation of powers.


    a Brexit Britain will be desperate for his money, and he will be looking at a bleeding British economy in the way that a shark looks at a bleeding man in the water.

    Is it any wonder that he’s furious about the way Brexit is falling apart, as a third popular vote on the EU (unlikely to be the last) looks more and more likely by the turn of the year?

    I’ve come to the conclusion you are mentally ill or exhibiting early signs of dementia… I suppose state visits from Trumps predecessors such as Obama cost nothing and we should offer trump no security at all? Your rants are saturated in sanctimonious preaching sermons you have picked from little clips going back years where a few crude crass comments Trump that were made off air about ” touching women on their p*ssy” are  heard in most male orientated environments at some time or another . If he hates women so much , why has he shagged so many of them.. surely he would have a string of violent woman beating convictions if he was as you imply.

    Get off your sickly self righteous pulpit screaming about racism that doesn’t exist or hatred of women .. most men talk to others at some stage in their lives about womens ” p*ssys” and it doesn’t make them misogynists. I say most , but then there are self proclaimed virtuous fools that adopt their own interpretation of the bible and claim to be above it all I suppose.

    Incidentally your pompous rant on trump being disliked by most Brits is more gibberish- suck it up buttercup.

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    The camera pans down to the anti Tump brigade and it shows a toothless old woman banging a frying pan with a rolling pin, a hoody flicking vs up and an obese slob clutching a sign saying ” fat orange twat”…. most haven’t two brain cells together. Where were these mindless cretins when the Saudi king visited last year responsible for slaughtering tens of thousands?

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    Were you on the streets marching in mock indignation scep when the Saudi royal family arrived committing human right atrocities that make Trumps ” crimes” look like a teddy bears picnic in comparison  ? Of course you weren’t, your type never are.

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    P.s…fake news lol. Publicly stated CNN not speak with. He explained that openly. Refused to speak with CNN because their information provided focuses on hate, hardships. Never focus on the good..Hate him, they fail to report whole issue. Nick pick at every word, not entire package of delivery..that is why he now keeps all press coverage complete so he can show people what they miss…

    As stated before opinions on politics and religion never ever bother me..but u reflected word friendship. So am I too assume now our friendship broken because you have such hate for my President. And what that about placing his wife in the mix of ur fun. By the way the supposed mistress of Trump recently arrested at a strip joint.

    Trump has never physically abused any of his wives. Which one has said it since divorced?

    MY I am still in shock over ur comments here. GO home, not want you here. Polls are made up and tweaked too by those who report them.. I am so sadden reading your comments.

    So take your anger on your leaders there..put your energy where mouth is.. Have those who disrupt ur well being, your future challenged, be the target of the vicious venom I have read here by your comments.


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