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    Didnt know you were interested in the shroud Ge…

    I agree it has not been properly tested, the Catholic Church wont allow it apparently, which is a shame. There have been a lot of things discovered, like pollen unique to the area being found on the shroud.

    How the image got there cant, as yet, be explained or replicated. That makes me curious. If the shroud could be proved authentic, it would put a whole new spin on things.

    No one doubts Christ existed and he changed history, if he was just a man thats a pretty huge acheivment, dont you think?


    C2L.. The shroud is a fscinating relic, I am currently reading up on it so appreciate your suggestions. I know a great site with a couple of threads on it but dont want to post it here. PM me and I will send you the link.



    Didnt know you were interested in the shroud Ge…

    I’m not particularly, but with an Irish Catholic father and a English Protestant mother who’s two families detested each other based solely on their religious views I have a passing interest in religion. From what I have read a Jesus did exist, did ‘some’ good things for others in an era when it was unusual but I don’t personally believe he was the son of God because I don’t believe God exists. There is just to much scientific evidence that suggests otherwise, evolution, etc.


    I don’t see how you could prove that the shroud was used on Jesus.

    If Jesus was a real person, we don’t what what he looked like, or have his DNA (if he even had DNA, being God).

    Even if through carbon dating, or some other method showed that the shround wasn’t 2000 years old, it doesn’t disprove that it was used by Jesus either. As there is no evidence that he ever existed, he could have lived in any time :unsure:


    Thoughts on this? The shroud has been studied, argued over, and tested (it isn’t a fake btw, the scrap tested that was deemed fake was a repair made to it) The image on the cloth has never been replicated, even with our advanced scientific knowledge.

    Interesting…..would be amazing if it was genuine…..but I don’t know enough about it tbh…only remember seeing the story on the news


    It’s all a load of bollox !


    I don’t really have any thought about the shroud itself, Nem.


    Everything waits on the Catholic Church to allow proper carbon testing. And the Catholic Church is like Treebeard, the Ent in Lord of the Rings. It takes centuries for them to move. That’s the time-realm in which they operate.

    In the meantime, a lot of charlatans operate on people’s curiosity to prove one thing or another…like the Kennedy assassination.


    If they prove that is what Jesus looked like, it would be pretty amazing. A bit like their reconstruction of Richard III after they dug his remains out of the car park.


    But jesus was a person who lived and suffered and died. I don’t need proof of that. The fact that some innocent bum got himself crucified under the Romans is hardly startling information. A bit odder is that he seemed to not defend himself in a trial. When Pilate scornfully asked him “what is truth” (quite a few in jc would sympathise with Pilate’s attitude), he didn’t answer. Always reminded me of a song called Visions of Johanna, – you can’t look at much, man, can you?

    History can take you so far. The Resurrection is not a natural event, yet it occurred in historical time. Panorama wasn’t there. People fell about laughing at the time and ever since when people expressed faith in it. But faith is what it’s about. You either have faith or not.


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    I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how if the shroud is proven to be ” genuine ” that means it belongs to the son of God and not some wandering gypo called Jesus suffering psychosis believing he was divine contrary to being mentally ill. In any event, I suspect if JC chat was around circa 0 BC/AD, Jesus would have been  regular in F2 telling chatters of his God like attributes with Dofan/ king strongbow playing roles of the son and holy ghost on his phantom mobile to complete the mad unholy trinity

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    Everything waits on the Catholic Church to allow proper carbon testing. And the Catholic Church is like Treebeard, the Ent in Lord of the Rings. It takes centuries for them to move. That’s the time-realm in which they operate.

    I’m not really sure that carbon dating would prove anything, the bible doesn’t say much about when Jesus was suppose to be alive. It mentions Pontius Pilate, who was in power around 36–39 AD, but naming the wrong roman official doesn’t really matter that much, the Roman Empire was around in some form in the general area until the 15th Century. Although what is considered to be the holy lands was occupied by various islamic caphiphates by then.



    I think it is fairly obvious that post-industrial societies, with lower income inequality and less poverty etc, particularly in Scandinavia, tend to be more secular and the least religious in Western Europe and it is also a global trend in more advanced nations like Canada etc. Religion blatantly targets societies (and low income groups in more successful societies) which are not as successful, hence the growth of religion in those countries and in those particular socio-economic groups.

    The Catholic Church could quite easily make the shroud available for rigorous modern testing and therefore prove once and for all that it authentic according to that myth but of course the Church won’t and for obvious reasons. Those reasons being that modern science can pinpoint exactly when it was made and how.

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    My understanding is that the Catholic Church have not said that the Shroud is genuine or not.

    They really do take a long time, and Gerry should offer his services to them to speed it all up.

    The fact is, as the Catholic Church knows, that if the Shroud is a fake, it doesn’t affect Christianity one tiny bit.

    If it’s true, then it’s interesting to see what Jesus looked like. Just as it was nteresting to see what Richard III actually looked like.

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