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    Still as handsome as ever Petey Poohs xx



    Lovely pic Pete :good:


    Here I am ,,updates on just chat users photographs,,,,,Nice to see all the photographs of the other just chat users,,

    A x


    Hi Ange….nice to see you too xx


    My new upto date picture for Blossom….no photoshopping….just me looking soo young B-)




    Its not like a woman to say nothing :scratch:


    Now nearly all the regs are registered….you can put your pictures up if you like :good:


    id love to see that pic of me when dolly day dream took it and accused me of smiling when that ship sank off blackpool a few years ago,i wasn’t smiling at all im ex merchant navy didn’t like it

    it was her who heard it on the radio and said lets go and have a look..the ghoul

    I wasn’t smiling at all I  was perusively thinking I be back here tonight and see what goodies get washed up on the beach so was half of blackpool,but the police knew and cordoned it off. grr


Viewing 10 posts - 381 through 390 (of 396 total)

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