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    Think it was Sir Ian Botham in his England cricket days who said tour Pakistan? i wouldnt even send my mother in law there.

    Wb kenters.Glad to see you still keeping an eye on us chick xxx

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    Do you think God will intervene against the ideological war currently being waged against the lower classes, the poor and the destitue here in the UK

    Well well well… So, maybe there is a god, of sorts, after all and following the gilets jaunes movement led riots in France, Macron has now publicly acknowedged that the French working classes, pensioners and the unemployed and poor have a legitimate case, that goes back 40 years or so. I won’t hold my breathe waiting for the British “centrist” establishment, currently doing their utmost to thwart Brexit, to mirror Macron and acknoweldge why Britain voted Brexit and like Macron (a centrist), take long overdue action to finally start the long process of tackling the burning injustice of those issues.

    You just know it is going to be a good day when the French President no less confirms that we were right after all.



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    It also confirms the thrust of my own argument that democracy is the UK is a charade, not much different to the UAE and that so called democratic referendums mean zilch, direct action focusses politicians minds and I hope a movement like the gilets jaunes movement in France gains ground here in the UK.



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    Ge I watched a intresting video earlier.

    Its called tough talking macron on Brexit it was on the bbc ten months ago its in yt.

    His stance on Brexit has changed for sure in the last few weeks?

    I also read his ratings are down to 18pc?

    Im no expert but I cant see our French friends wearing this much longer?


    Well im happy he has acknowledged the working class in france.

    They seem over the moon with him there.



    I also read his ratings are down to 18pc? Im no expert but I cant see our French friends wearing this much longer?

    Hopefully it is the start of something else and I do see France eventually joining the Brexit exodus if Macrons bribes don’t cut the muster, where politicians like the Blairs, Camerons and the Macrons of this world are exposed for what they really are, professional politicians from the so called soft centre, liberals, who might be polished public speakers but who don’t actually deliver anything anything useful or worthwhile long term for the working classes.


    Lets hope so ge.

    Ge I listened to George Galloway on Saturday night, don’t agree with everything he says but what he said about people coming together and protesting was spot on.

    power t0 the people!

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    OMG, our latter-day Robespierres are already planning to burn the town down.


    Brexit is still on the cards!!

    The people instructed Parliament to leave the EU. It was self-destruct in my opinion, but my opinion is no more important than yours. The vote was narrow but decisive.

    Parliament is following the instructions. The government has arranged a deal for Brexit.

    Parliament must now vote for it. The decision to postpone was a disgrace.

    If it doesn’t like the deal, then Parliament must act in accordance with the popular will to find another solution to Brexit, either by renegotiating the deal or by just walking out. They cannot revoke Article 50 and rejoin the EU because the people voted to leave.

    However, Parliament isn’t bound to any one solution. The people voted to leave, not how to leave. It’s up to Parliament how to leave. The one thing that Parliament must not do (unless there is a real emergency) is to revoke Article 50 and rejoin the EU. That would be in defiance of the popular will as expressed in the 2016 referendum.

    If, if. if it can’t agree, then it must either dissolve or return the issue to the people, and then follow the clearly expressed wishes of the people.

    Simple. No need to burn the house down.


    Skep Mr Galloway didn’t mention Brexit the show was about the French riots.

    Tbh im surprised you haven’t found a way to blame trump yet :yes:

    But as Mr Galloway stated the left and right seem to have joined up for this yellow coat protest.

    He even suggested the firemen and police were showing solidarity to the robespierres.


    Milky, none of the recent posts have anything to do wiht the UAE or Abu Dhabi either.

    Never mind, we follow the shift in mood on a thread.

    I hadn’t seen the Galloway (a man I instinctively dislike).

    I was responding to the post about how we all ought to copy the French in resisting Brexit earlier.

    The French riots and protests are entirely different. They are purely economic in nature – they started as a protest against a Green tax on petrol but spread to include a whole range of economic grievances. Unlike Brexit, they have the support of the overwhelming majority of the French people. If something like that happened anywhere, it would defeat most governments.

    The Fascists and the Anarchists joined together in the violence. The Left, in the form of the unions, joined in as they did in May 68, and as in may 68 they have won big gains in the minimum wage etc. Good for them!

    Brexit is a very different kettle of fish, has more akin with Trump’s nationalism  than the French protests, and is divisive in a scary way (just as Trump is divisive in a scary way).

    I welcome the French protests. If the Brits do the same when it comes to Universal Credit, homelessness, the need for food banks etc, then :good:   :good:

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