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    Having listened to the Dancing Queen finally going barmy on public tv yesterday evening, I was convinced that she had finally destroyed her own deal. This seems to have been borne out by the reactions within parliament today.

    That looks likely to mean no deal, and that we leave on 29th march unless parliament takes over next week.

    In the last analysis, to stop no-deal, I would want MPs to revoke Article 50 in the hour before the UK leaves the EU next Friday, and then a genuinely workable withdrawal from the EU to begin. A formal petition to Parliament to revoke Article 50 is apparently going viral, with up to 700,000 signatures within a very brief time. I really hope it doesn’t get to that point, but there was never a vote to leave in the circumstances of no deal.


    Just H and others, I will fully defend your democratic right to demonstrate, even though I think your understanding of the EU is absolutely wrong, but others will be exercising their right to oppose leaving. Assuming that the two marches are large(?), lets hope they keep within the bounds of orderly behaviour, if only to save Just H from the clink.


    To clear up a misunderstanding before I’m accused of being a horrible, horrible man,

    there are two marches but on different dates.




    i think the most important thing now is what new name the uk and Great Britain rename themselves once Scotland ( which is basically gone now anyway ) and Northern Ireland ( which won’t be happy having a border enforced on it ) leave



    any suggestions, Paige??


    Wish you all well


    To accuse her MP’s of treason because they won’t back her deal is to say the least childish,  and she has now alienated even her own party. she should step down, we should leave with no deal and call europes bluff


    Laine, fully agree with your judgement on Mrs May blaming the MPS for continually rejecting her deal – a deal which would have left us as a genuine vassal state.


    she’s decided to crash out of the EU on 12th April if her deal fails. The FT reported this, and the BBC said the report seems to be very accurate, and May’s speech last night confirmed it.

    Time to bring her government down, which is apparently highly likely in the next couple of weeks.

    You really want to take the risk of a national emergency, the end of the British car industry, a serious weakening of health and education, rising food prices etc etc etc, all on the gamble that the EU will somehow collapse and and give in. I really doubt they will, even though they’ll be hurt as well as we.

    All the money which could be released to help education and health would need to be used to stem a serious slump, and it would soon disappear. Cruel madness.

    The good thing is that all the manoeuvering and kicking the can down the road will now be over, thanks to the decisive EU move. Shame on May that the EU has to act in the decisive way that was required of her.


    We’ll soon know if we’re crashing out, but now at least the die is being cast.



    If you were not lucky enough to have an Irish relative there is a way you can join me and my fellow Europeans is enjoying the benefits that come with being in the eu

    before Scotland and Northern Ireland break up the union thanks to brexiteers they will have to hold referendums that is your way out you move there before the date of their referendum and when they rejoin eu which they will you will be back in

    or you can arrange a marriage to a European I’m sure they’ll be some offering these services


    Thanks for the advice, Paige.

    I’m already married, though.

    We’re working out a way to escape. Everybody should have a Plan B. Jews have always hedged their bets because they’re so aware of living in potential danger.


    The Department for Shifting the Blame speaks –

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