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    A recent poll on jc showed an overwhelming majority for the insane policy of leaving without a deal – the first time in history that a developed economy would vote to impose sanctions on itself .

    They must all be in the top photo.

    Image may contain: text

    A million people marched on Saturday.

    At the moment, a referendum seems unlikely, and many were marching against the loony no-deal brigade, but it’s important to keep the issue in the air, and the strength of feeling is in sharp contrast to the Leaver’s march.

    Still, plenty of time for the leavers to pick up steam. let’s see how many turn up on Friday when it reaches its end.

    Still, plenty of time for the Leavers to pick up support



    “My march is bigger than your march, ner ner”

    The resident purveyor of fake news continues to spam the boards with … yet more fake news.

    After years of countless posts stating that President Trump was corrupt, colluded with the ‘Russians and would be brought to justice… Trump is exonerated by the Robert Muellor report.

    Using the very latest RAMP technology an estimated 300-400 thousand (predominanly white middle class) Remain supporters descended on London from their leafy suburbs within outer London and the liberal MSM immediately distort it to a “1 million” figure. Not 800 thousand or 1.2 million, 1 million exactly. That magic figure that they keep producing out of a hat, with a puff of smoke and a white dove…





    Fake news?? Who smelt it, dealt it. My criticisms of Trump are many, but I don#’t think I mentioned the Mueller Inquiry more than once or twice, but suddenly I’ve been spending years condemning Trump as a Russian agent? Yer, right.

    I chased up Gerry’s comments, which struck me as really odd and just invented. I can’t find any references to RAMP technology anywhere, much less it being used to get an accurate count of the demo. “About a million” was the estimate which is accepted by all but a few such as peter Bone, that hard0-right wing Tory MP who doesn’t exactly seem a horny-handed son of toil, but whose sneering is reported by the Torygraph which is so beloved of the people from the leafy suburbs of the Home Counties.

    Another time-wasting lazy link from this man, then. I have become very weary of them.

    I know the crowd was huge. The BBC and Sky News said that it was too big to count, and they had given up trying. It was bigger than last autumn’s march, and individual cops on the march were saying that the word was going around them that it was the biggest demo London had never known; this was again the view of the BBC and Sky News.


    The turnout can’t be ignored. Philip Hammond has for the first time said that another referendum is worthy of consideration, though he didn’t yet want one. It’s like the five and a half million signatures to the petition to revoke Article 50, which I very much support. That is phenomenal number in just a few days.

    Of course, the Brexit Lie Machine has gone into action, shouting that it’s just a few bots, but that has now been disproved.




    Here he is, the resident purveyor of fake news. Who types 2000 words to spout his pompous long winded bullshit, when just 200 would do.

    Now he is claiming to have more knowledge than a world renowed expert in
    “Crowd science” and  Crowd analysis experts. The male version of Blossom, whatever the topic he is an expert.


    A laughing stock.






    You should connect this world-renowned analyst to the media, so that they can be enlightened.

    Pushing 6 million signatures to the Revoke Article 50 petition and climbing.



    If you spent any length of time correcting his bullshit, you would never leave this site. A purveyor of fake news and bullshit.


    A troll.





    why dont you 2 get a room and fook each other senseless :good:


    Me no like him in that way – or any other way.

    Whatever I say, he comes out with the same response –

    why don#t you make a serious point for me to respond to??


    gotta love that big red bus it saved us from no deal


    A no-deal is a very real possibility, it seems to me, at least at the moment.

    But I’m glad you’re still contributing, and

    how did it save us??

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