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    Farage walks from Sunderland to London – well, he went a little bit of the way.



    might join the march on the 29th in london

    always some pussy to be had on these marches :)



    No deal is better than a bad deal

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    We’ll see soon, Ms Drac.

    We’re on a bus which has gone out of control. no driver, no escape hatches, no real clue as to where it’s going to end up.

    Literally, anything can happen.

    So I’m sitting back, hoping that at some point in the future we’llb e back where we bleong – inside the EU.




    The problem is, (with all the government remainers), they have no idea anymore HOW to run the country, we handed that over to Europe decades ago.

    Our government has been busily running the people (into the ground) so have no clue what to do. we were NEVER told what to eat what not to drink etc years before europe (which btw was sold to us as a common market). now we find that medical evidence is bypassed and a cancer causing drug (sweeteners) are put into everything because apparently we’re ALL fat, and need teaching a lesson.

    we havent lived in a democracy where choice and opinion was allowed  for many years, we’re just herded like prisoners of war (without the bombs). because we couldnt be beaten in conflict.

    IF and WHEN they  elect a government that actually WANTS to run the country it’ll all be ok, until then, we’re up shit creek without a paddle

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    Thankfully this will no longer effect me

    good luck you’re Gonna need it


    You can see why Caneron got the fook out of dodge,He seen all the shit coming :bye:

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    Thankfully this will no longer effect me

    good luck you’re Gonna need it


    you are very wise, though.

    We may easily end up with a no deal catastrophe

    Well, Donald Tusk has thrown a spanner in the works.
    He’s basically told parliament to stop shilly shallying around and make their mind up next week or we leave without a deal on 29th March.
    Let’s see if the EU 27 support him in the next day or so.
    It makes sense.
    Nothing concentrates anybody’s mind more than knowing that they’re going to be hung in the morning

    fir first time in my life I will be going to a march in London .yes I am all for leaving EU .we were sold into it as a trading arrangement but has evolved to a federal superstate and Lisbon treaty etc will have us forever as a  vassal state .  stock exchange. going to be moved. gold reserves shipped out etc even major planning applications for your helicopter landing pad etc. will  be via Paris .   all came bout due to high levels of immigration and  Uk inability to police its own borders or put numbers on  migrants etc .  aware EU offered many nice things  but essentially  UK being stripped of right to self govern and that is Not what we signed up for. sadly Democracy itself at stake here .hence  my taking part in first ever public event . wonder if I will get arrested ? :cry:

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