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    I recently posted on some social media thing that I found something abhorrent.

    A very close friend who I would deem to be really quite intelligent had no understanding of the word. I explained and they were thoughtful.

    I find public toilets are abhorrent, I find people spitting in the street abhorrent, I find waitresses chewing gum abhorrent, I find sticky trolley handles in supermarkets abhorrent.


    Common people usually !!


    Women who help kill children or do so themselves. Feminists who demand women don’t have children or a relationship with a man. People who treat others differently because of class. Tapioca pudding.


    Watching people in a Carvery load up their plate and can’t fit another pea on ! Then go back for more 🥴

    women screaming / swearing at young children

    people smoking in a car with kids in

    men picking their noses in car at traffic lights, knuckle deep,  as if no one can see them

    Bullies and people who go along with them

    Animal cruelty  ( also cats kept indoors forever, so totally selfish, not right )

    BO, no need, soap is cheap !

    I could go on all night,

    there are worse things, I’d use a different word tho 😊




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    Taxi drivers who claim they dont know the destination, despite having a sat nav.


    Dianne abbot and corbyn

    French onion soup.

    Anything french.

    Bristol rovers.

    Reality tv.


    mr q

    tracing paper toilet roll.

    fizzy cider.

    the people who hang around the library since they installed computers.

    people who jerk off in librarys.

    national express coaches.

    jeremy corbyn.

    french onion soup.



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    Oh well here goes:


    Liver, Pineapple on Italian Pizza.(lol)

    People locked in cars if it in extreme heat or cold,..elderly, children, disabled, pets.

    Mental and physical abuse, neglect.

    Chewing gum under a table or seat in public setting,

    Driver picking his nose at a stop light,

    Sunday drivers who should give up license,

    Naming a polite few. :good:

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    Public toilets…handrails in public places…..mannerless people…..litter droppers….

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    Copy cat Linda !!! Lol x


    Ok ok lol

    So driver picking his nose at stop light, and chewing gum,

    How about men when have to go outside can find a tree and pee, has coverage..giggles..but what about us females who can not find a tree or hidden bush? Lol, AND why are the ladies toilets so disgusting and mens toilets so much cleaner?

    Dogs constipated and you wait in rain and cold for them to go. Walking for ever finally you have to go too!

    Sardines, anchovies..omg..that haggis!  Blood pudding…catfish any fish with eyes looking at you and bones in it before u eat it.

    Light just turns green, all those beeping behind you to go. Fgs just turned green….flipped out finger then you drive on wanting to just sit there and not drive…

    Holes in socks..



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