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    I lost part of the will to fund this with a reply when I realised MQ was on the joke books.

    Things make me lose it


    1. Hissy fits – always likely to get an impromtu smashed up iphone/laptop at the end of a massive tilt.  REASON: LOSING MONEY  SOLUTION: WASTE MONEY BREAKING SHIT
    2. Mostly everything that cannot be rebooted or eaten.
    3. East Europians

    What really narcs me is drug agents a joke for mister top hat & q tails


    Good luck everybody.


    Englads 2  Crows 1


    :heart: :heart:   :heart:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:



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    :unsure: :scratch:


    ok on a daily context;

    females who have phlegm clearing throat and or cough

    smokers who smoke where people dont have much space to move

    people who spit on the paths

    drunk people


    homeless begging for cash – repeatly aswell

    expenive cars

    people who dont look where they are going

    zombies not looking for veichles

    people with trollys in the wrong asda bit

    people who dont get rid of there dog mess

    chewing gum on the floor

    litter on the floor

    puke on the floor

    people who cba to put litter in the bin

    people trying to sell me something

    chairtys asking for cash

    relgious people asking for cash

    people who dont controll there dog

    dogs barking

    people who just stop with out looking behind them

    idiot drivers

    people who dont thank u when u move out the way of them

    idiot scallys think it is ok to insult people for no good reason

    people who stand in front of the door

    no dam baskets in asda near the door

    people who dont know how to make a queue that dont get in the way of people trying to buy things

    people who are in the queue not fuking moving

    people who use coins and notes instead of cards or phones with nfc

    client smelling of sht

    his flat smells of sht

    staff knocking on my door all the time

    the other client smoking weed

    etc….. :negative:

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    Agree with all of them..

    People who let their kids sit IN the shopping trolley. other people have to put their shopping in there! filthy gits.

    Parents who let their brats run round the supermarket.

    Summertime when people have their crap music blaring out.

    This poxy weather. too hot,


    I’ve always been on the joke books ruthless…….and one day we’ll know for sure who you are as well…..LMAO RATF LMAO PML


    oh yer

    people who dont look where there young kids are, letting them walk behind them

    people who look at there phone while crossing the road even worse with there kid

    people who are preg smoking or and with one of there kids near them


    all these things should not even be here, we fuk are own life up but others fuk it up to with there dumbness and or selfishness, it is  mad world.


    I wonder who I am sometimes too. I will confirm with Nurse Rachet if JN can shed some clues out via cryptic inneundo.

    MisterQ has been upgraded with a Jimmy Cricket tribute set on BGT.








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    Here are my 5

    People who laugh at their own jokes.

    Continental breakfasts. Ham cheese , fruit, weird meats. Do me a favour.

    People who impersonate being a cycling enthusiast

    Shop assistants who muscle in my personal space.



    oh sneaky milkman……LMAO


    Well as Meatloaf sang milkman….2 out of 5 ain’t baddddd……LMAO……

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