• I liked the funnies. shame comments then  go downhill and become political etc . sort of ruining any  ‘fun’ :wacko:

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    :wacko: at moment looking a though current leave. will be postponed for another 2 years. under  guise of too bad for. country!  what nobody  political wise is saying  is that democracy in Uk is at great risk by doing that!

    was Not what was voted. on. was a simple stay or leave!  leave therefore ought to occur on date agreed. ANY other deals can…[Read more]

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    sorry to hear that Jamie. probably logged your  IP address. though surprised as iv’e seen quiet a few arguments and abuse being ignored!   I use the principal not to respond as it takes two  to argue.  Tempting as it may be especially if unwarranted but there are lots of people whom hurl abuse at innocent people  deliberately. to get a resp…[Read more]

  • like drugs ..thsi is only going to slowly get worse . brought up in east end as a kid we knew about gangs .knives , bicycle chains etc  luckily out parents had very  strong discipline and we knew not to get  caught carrying  anything that could hurt somebody else even though. at time fearful of own safety.  society  will continue to  degr…[Read more]

  • all parties will offer goodies to get voted in. sadly we then fall into situation where those whom stand to gain most will vote for economic reasons and not what is good for all or country..hhmm bit like Brexit I guess.so nothing new then. the selfish always win. :scratch:

  • isn’t she on holiday? hope :whistle:  skating. ok .. :)

  • there isn’t one!  many  husbands have more than wife even here in UK ( legal too if right religion) :scratch:

  • not that easy to avoid jury service  unless of Course you have a criminal record or are exempt.

    luckily I managed to avoid old Bailey as they call extra jurors and I wasn’t needed. not bene asked back since :)

    work doubt even with expenses I would have lost money as. no shift pay/overtime etc . have always thought citizens ought not to be…[Read more]

  • sexual attraction is the prime driver even if subconsciously .  next is personality.

    so  after than initial look ..see.admire moment we move to  conversation. thats where real attraction lays .  :yahoo:

  • hmm mixed attitudes it seems.  there is a meter sonly chat room but its nearly always empty. plus without a moderator anybody cab actually join and still  hurl abuse . ideally we need a moderator whom can ban at level of computer ID .so regardless of name changing etc they can no longer get access to site.

    if we also throw in a members only b…[Read more]

  • still feel guilty having ours put down. vets advise as nothing to be done .cancer apparently. I stayed. for a while as she  went under.  vision still haunts me.

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    crud= matter in wrong place.  often of a rather horrible composition too. :scratch:

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    no need to worry . apparently leaving will be a paper exercise as EU laws WILL have to stay in place as well a human rights courts having  precedence etc . we have to carry on paying in,  accept free movement ( isn’t that exactly WHY we voted to leave in first place?) etc etc

    so remainers can relax democracy is dead, and the small ‘majority’ t…[Read more]

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    always going to be an argumentative subject a s seem two clear divides. those that want stay as a satellite. state of EU .( nearly half it seems) and rest whom want to become a self governing country again.

    bearing in mind how many countries have fought for such freedoms such as India.USA etc it seems odd in way that  since this is not a war but…[Read more]

  • prefer not to be talking balls..cotton or otherwise .. aware. bumble bees do not seem to obey our calculations for flight/weight /wing span etc .    however we don not know everything and nature often surprises us. wasn’t that long ago we found boson particle and  an energy wave that can change state without reason! being either one thing or an…[Read more]

  • like food or drink. everybody ha sown likes .dislikes and ideas.   so a bit of. an impossible. answer ? or not?

    basics are clear.  entertaining.  engrossing.  storyline or action that draws spectator into it and forget life in real world . finally when we come away after it ends. memories  we want to share with others .  feeling glad we saw it . :yes:

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    a few rather simple looks at the situation. in reality  it is becoming clear that we will stay in EU economic zone ( having  to pay dearly to do so) but have no voting rights or say in how it’s run etc   sort on no win situation but essentially remainers winning in a way but will still whinge as when having no say etc blaming. Brexit folks.  a…[Read more]

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  • clacton on sea and surrounds  ..just had Englands first public  rally car  stages run on public roads. cars set off from clacton driving ordinary roads before entering closed off sections for real. rally  racing.  an small old  sea side town with decent beaches. especially further along.

    annual airshow normally with red arrows . this year torna…[Read more]

  • if  an alien species has capability for intergalactic  travel. it will so advanced it will either see us  as a savage  over breeding and  destructive  but possibly interesting animal or  simply see us as   something  to get rid of  if they want  planet or resources. much like when we went to foreign lands and viewed local tribes as  ‘savages’…[Read more]

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