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    hi. welcome to chat room.  sceptical is  spot on. though some nice friendly folk use room it has a few   you may find best to avoid.   probably same in  other chat rooms too.  however do say hi  when around .  we don’t bite. well at least not  until dinner time..lol :yahoo:   :yahoo:

  • cant answer for my brother whom owns a harley ‘fatboy’  . he wears  crash helmet . decent riding boots and  leather jacket. jeans  are some sort of  woven material  also used  in racing cars . carbon fibre based I think?   as  an ex  police motorcyclist  an traffic officer he has seen  many  incidents  cars. bikes and pedestrians.  not  aware w…[Read more]

  • everybody will have own views on  politics.  nations are defined by the people within.  comment on Powell is point of view. he was probably before his time. even his ‘racist’  comment on rivers of blood over immigration proved  almost prophetic ( policemans head almost severed to be used as a  football etc)   freedom to move  is not a right a…[Read more]

  • :unsure: welcome to  site. many are nice and friendly but as in all chat room  we get a  number whom seek to annoy or cause issues.  you will get to know these given time.

    you probably feel unsure at moment as new and not chatted to anybody.  that will change as soon as you say hi in main room and throw in 2pence worth of comment  or just hello…[Read more]

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    dont recall seeing  you in chat room?  so  can’t think what to ask other than ..why not..most  are ok and  nobody bites ..well so far . :mail:

  • with the Cuba crisis Russia won that power play though media etc were tall it had backed down. Russia and USA  made a deal. ( only just coming to light ) so USA could save face.

    while we  may have psychopath running N Korea. we  can’t compare with Trump. yes . he can act oddly and is  far more self centred and outspoken than  his former lead…[Read more]

  • still  an issue .  we have made a democratic  decision and  we will be made to suffer for it ( EU has openly said  so ) however already  we have  back peddling  by government  e.g.  immigration  not to be restricted for at least  5 years. all ongoing EU rules etc to be adopted  and so on.   we have to start  wondering if  with new government in f…[Read more]

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    dogs can become part of family to a surprising degree.  we lost ours and  there is a huge vacuum at first.  many pictures that show her enjoying life .  we keep her in our memories and hearts.   sorry for your loss.  those whom do not have loving pets  will not understand. its  a bit like not understanding  relationship and affection  if not a par…[Read more]

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  • this is an emotional issue as well as  an economic one.  I know  many people whom work in NHS.  well aware of scams  to get free treatment  and fast tracking ( yes it goes on but is  hidden and denied at  all stages  with collusion of those working in service)  UK always has and would never refuse to treat  an emergency regardless of country of…[Read more]

  • don’t have a problem with court  having  to rule. after all its  basis of our laws.  I do note that she  has openly said it  will be retorts for her. Like richard branson and T blair ,  putting up money and pushing to  drop brexit. ( very anti democratic)  while remainers may see her as  triumphant heroine .  note peter mandelson whom has a rath…[Read more]

  •   you will find  in any chat room a few  whom get  nasty to others .often without reason.  this is same as bullies  do .picking on somebody to reinforce  selves but well known in psychology as over compensation. in short in real world they are nothing and get ignored so get angry and lash out etc at others   to be ‘noticed’             bit like g…[Read more]

  •  welocme to site. do enjoy . though men  will be annoying in pm’s try and ignore them. many here are great .

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    concrete bollards  would not stop a juggernaut nor would stingers though they would slow it down.  there are metal  bollards  designed to  stop  virtually a tank .they rise up from ground.  they already use these around world and  can definitely stop a 40 ton loaded lorry  at 60mph. true it writes off bollard but  vehicle itself is  reduced…[Read more]

  • shame such political correctness is  failing to address they  actual concept  by  setting aside tradition and culture that may cause offence . the ideas behind such actions can be  from well meaning and worthy desires to  allow all to  live  happily side by side in a ‘perfect world’ .sadly they  do not allow all inclusiveness they they are tryi…[Read more]

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    procrastination is a habit as well as detrimental  to our lives.  now if only I had done what I set out to do the other week..

    try  setting oneself a task when  we aware we putting things off. then the task being to do  that and one other chore before relaxing.  with practise we can break the chain and begin to do things a they  become due rather…[Read more]

  • and  flagged it down

  •  there is  some  confusion generally, for example  T Blair didn’t check with parliament  before taking us into a war.   there is much pressure  to reverse the referendum  and that ought to be  not allowed to occur.  right or wrong whichever way you see it it was a vote and vote was clear.  after all when we vote   and MP in we don’t  have a sec…[Read more]

  • cant beat a nice looking pussy :yahoo:

  • :scratch: traffic road works and other drivers but that normal. on the blow torch comment. very doubtful assistant would know working temperature of torch and to a degree will depend on air oxygen mix .gas type used and flow rates etc.
    300 degress celsius would seem about right ball park though. enough to easily melt solder. burn off…[Read more]

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