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    Have had the same problems somer for a couple of weeks


    Lady i emailed Martin a couple of weeks ago and no answer as of yet


    I’ve not been able to get in the rooms for a while


    I totally agree with what Boo has put, I have met Tracy on a few occasions  and i have  seen the relationship she has with her son which is  fantastic.

    Mizzy  how can you even post crap about Tracy on the boards, when you have never met Tracy or her children.  I find it totally out of order that you can accuse someone like you have and  think that you can get away with it.

    I never post on the boards normally, but i felt that i needed to say something.


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    Happy birthday rose xxxxxxxxx


    Happy birthday Penny xxxxx[/b]


    hi cat i had same problem had to switch to google chrome try and see if it works xx


    congratulations grandma yvonne xxxxxx


    happy new year xxx


    happy new year all xxxxx

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)