I've got a few improvements and updates regarding the message boards to share today.

View all posts since your last visit

This was one of the most popular features of the old message boards, so I am happy to announce its return. When you are logged into the message boards, simply look for the 'View new posts' button.

Give it a click, and you'll see everything that's been posted since your last visit.

view new posts

Make your posts more pretty

Before today, there wasn't much in the way of formatting options when it came to posting on the boards. You now have much more control over how your post looks when you post a new topic or reply to an existing thread. There's lots of fancy options now, so have a play around!

The new formatting options also make it easier to embed YouTube videos and upload a photo or image to include in your posts.

To include images in your posts, simply click on the 'Select File' button:

add attachment

Choose your image and then click 'Insert into content':

put attachment in post

You'll then see the embed code in your post. No edits are needed:

attachment embed code

After submitting your post, the image will be right inside it:

he is interesting

Report posts that break the site rules

If you see a post that is in breach of the site rules, simply click the handy 'REPORT' link that appears above every single post. A window will then open asking for your comments, which will then be sent to me so I can investigate.

Click the 'REPORT' button:

report a post

Provide more details, then click 'Send Report':

submit report

All reports are kept confidential. I hope that members will use this feature so that action can be taken when necessary to keep the boards friendly and welcoming to new and old members alike.

That's all for today. Go forth and chat!

3 thoughts on “Updates to the message boards

  • 10 November, 2016 at 1:41 am

    Am I alone in thinking that what happened this morning is a flashback from paint fumes inhaled from hot radiators in the 70’s?

      • 4 January, 2017 at 9:07 am

        flagman, are you referring to Trump getting the job? In case you are, we have to look at the benefits (or we’ll go insane) He’s a top businessman and we need that here in the USA, Inc. He knows how to find money. We’re broke. He can broker deals with corporate heads like no one else. Yes he’s a jerkweed but he knows the business of money and we don’t need politicians now, we need accountants. Trump is a foul mouth, lax on social amenities, but knows his money. Even going bankrupt he understands it all and comes out ahead. e don’t like the man we do like his abilities to get money from people who have it like elitist corporate heads and people with insanely high salaries. Like his. Either way we have no choice, and if he stays in Washington and works it, we may come out a little better than the morass we’re in.

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