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    Chuffed! after being told to go fk off n die regularly for months i will now have a name to ignore instead of random numbers


    I have not been going in much recently cause of the constant bickering in room.

    went in this morning and must say was lovely no numbers yaaaaaaa.

    i for one hope it stays good job Martin.

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    i have a few reservations as will it encourage new people to wanna register if they are forced into rooms where the guest ids are scrolling porn like they do in f2
    as its very unlikely you’d pay 99p to to register to try out a room where it’s unlikely to happen

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    Yes I am in there at the moment and its all lovey dovey kissy kissy which is great however there were a lot of nice innocent guests and there are a good handful of nasty registered users

    Time will tell if these nasties who get away with blue murder will be tolerated or dealt with correctly now their buddies aren’t in power to help them anymore

    Lets see if the “guests” do the same slagging off in their real names in the evenings about chatters who rarely chat then

    So JC will probably become a registered paid for chat service only……I don’t think the numbers dwindled only because of the abusers….they are easily ignored and easily replied to….whether a guest or not doesn’t really make any difference if you know who it is….they hide for themselves not for the person they abuse

    Lots have said its the new format they don’t like and the ones who never registered wont pay

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    I know I dont use chat any more,but it is a good idea. People want to chat in peace and have a laugh,not put up with morons scrolling and endless abuse.

    Another idea Martin…maybe slightly controversial…but…how about making registered users register with their email from their IP provider and not hotmail?  ie…sky or bt? That will really weed out the abusers,because they can be reported to their IP provider. To go even further,you could ban proxy IP’s as well.  It’s what I would do. It would make chat fun again,like it used to be. Just a thought.


    I get what your saying Kenty. I will miss some numbers, I like diversity in chat.Eagle eyed fair guides is what’s needed, and in the room at all times. Although I understand that guides have a difficult job. They get a lot of stick, threats etc..Lots of people have applied to be guides I understand, Im sure most of them are up to the job.I understand the need to keep people safe from hacking, abuse, and there own indiscretion. Chat is a learning curve though and part of the experience of chatting.

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    Hopefully those members that have left will now return. :good:


    Same goes for the quiz room, hopefully the quizzers that left because of the guests antics will now return, safe in the knowledge that the room is now guest free.


    I will not tollerate this blatent and open bigotry towards ‘unregistered’ users.

    No people are unregistered, just people.

    No chat borders, no hate!


    love the idea of no guests in forum 3  martin much better now in room ty

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 239 total)

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