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    There are not many American television programmes I like.. Well I confess to watching ! criminal minds.. CYU and American horror..The latest one was filmed before Trump erm “won” .. and the In joke was, That they are all in a ” cult”.. hence the name of the series. being erm ” cult”..  Seems bizarre now watching it, as its supposed to be fiction.. About a cultish mob, in a world of a fictional President !

    Quite a horror tale it is too.. almost Phrophetic.

    The director/producers must have shat themselves when Trump did indeed ” win”..   suddenly “family guy”and the Simpsons seem ever sooo innocent..


    I am not tired.. insomnnia sucks.


    I don’t mind bus numbers are back longs that tell us who they are and some numbers chatters cant get in like cori and  tony both lovely chatters long they tell us who they are I don’t mind that,  long they don’t abuse chatters then eveeything be fine  :heart:


    I hate with passion discussing politics with people outside of our States who are not truly familiar with how our media may operate and what “ALL OF US AMERICAN PEOPLE”, do for others all over the “WORLD.” He may be a representative Leader for our Country, independently and single he does not work alone like your Country does not either…others make moves, he does not have sole power on his own…
    This man can not be in 20 places either at same time. I live in a very very powerful Nation, with people. American people not just with famous actors, politicians, multi cultures…as well, diversity, religious beliefs. I am fully disgusted of people who talk absolute bull shit, but complain and sit on fat assessment not making a move to change or make things better but constantly complain…….

    I may not like all of what Trump says, Does, OR happens..I do however, with my fellow Americans work very hard to supply needs all over world when need. One man does not represent all of us. He delegates it however to be done. This I do know in which media always fails to report the good things he does try to do…

    See GE, and for others here, when see injustice, I do not suck on my thumb, ohh, ahh. Complain…I do something about making change if successful or not… go to New York State Board of Election. Think 2004-2007..years…You will find me on the ballots as ran for Political Office twice in my own hometown..

    Even though and races were close, did not get the seat, glad did not as I can be more powerful a citizen than a politician.

    For 6 weeks I want to say, Every business, church, School, law enforcement, medical, fire agency profit and non profit agencies have poured out hundreds and hundreds of thousand dollars, supplies and relief for these hard hitting multiple events in succession. Myself and thousands of people have banned to collect effortlessly and tires to continue to donate our time, hearts, hands, shirts off our back to all in great need right now..

    This is one man, leader media hates with passion… but when you continue insult him, remember the millions of Americans who continue right now as I take time and type to explain…WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE of this Country,where I was born and raised are not failing others, we still working dam hard today to help our neighbors in need…All OVER the WORLD….

    You GE promote hate by offering this up for others to read and comment about American Leadership, therefor also then insulting ALL AMERICANS…including me…

    Your followers will bring in venom as well…so remember this American resents any more attacks..


    Oh so its back to

    ‘talking about subjects unrelated to the threads title and therefore bollox time again?’

    Here is my contribution.

    I’ve never had a cat, I am only use to owning dogs.  I worry if I got a cat I’d not be able to toilet train it and it may also get run over.

    Also how long can you leave a cat for as sometimes i may go away a week.  Do all cats feel the need to go out?  Could I keep it safely in doors or is that just really cruel on it?  Is an indoor cat a happy cat? Or should you always let your pussy get out and about whenever it wants to?


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    I’d suggest your pussy needs a good airing from time to time


    I’m Just A Sucker For Your Love 💗

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    Not happy that the guests are back in forum three and i hope that means the quizzers have to put up with them now as well

    Oh and you could always block guests from the quiz room if that is ever a problem? Ive not ever seen guest be a problem in there when i have been in but GD is a very good and very very capable quiz master and I am sure she would and possibly has sorted them out without any problems.

    Thanks for the nice comments Mizzy, the quiz room at my request will be guest free for the forseeable future, and it is a much nicer place without me having to keep asking who the guests were (for the league table).   I can now concentrate on the quiz and not worry about what the guests will get up to.

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    If GD doesn’t mind me saying the royal we

    but we are a band of brothers and sisters in quiz

    course we welcome noobs

    but what we will not tolerate or abide is guests in OUR quiz room.


    Concentration or focus …important it is. Force..strong it is with G.D


    As part of the trial and in an attempt to please everyone we are going to allow guests back into chat forum three and create a ‘members only chat forum’.

    You can discuss this here:

    Members only chat room

Viewing 9 posts - 231 through 239 (of 239 total)

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