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    Look Mizzy,heres the truth.

    When you opend your room,i could see trouble comming a mile away.Thats why i dident want anything to do with it.Non the less i was draged in to it anyways.

    I would have loved it if you had did well.You dident though.No integrity at all,you have no idea how to run a chat room.

    Your bright enough to do it,nice enough to do it.You havent though.

    The reson for that is alcohol.You would need to be off drink for at least a year toget back to yourself.You dont want that though because your on a mission to self destruct.

    You cant blame evryone els for what you do.I had a good idea that morg hadent hacked me,that you ha gave him the information when you were drunk.Admit it,you trusted the wrong people.Dont blame me for what you do,i did not tell anyone that you were opening a room,you did that.You have came in here slatering evryone,trolling people,told lies,all because your room has been slow or because people have left.

    You cant fool evryone mizzy and certenly not yourself.Your chat site is what you make it and what you are.Your not ready to do a chat sight,you need to get sober.That starts with baby steps and that takes hardwork,unless your ready to do that,you willbe a mess.Troll me and tell as much lies about me you like,but that wont get you sober,and thats what where you need to be.

    I wish you good luck with that because thats not easy.


    In my opinion and agree with what many write here that we all get depressed at certain things in life, times. It is each owns ability to survive and find ways to go around it..not always easy.. personally I hate those moments in which I may feel so low and weak that I too say, “screw it, why bother, I, can’t, me so forth attitude.” And then I simply say, think.. work around ways that can find a better place than what I may feel in, be in. Why never sure, why do? It is the inner gutt feeling of I not come out of it I will provide me more harm then good. What purpose it serve? Whom will I hurt closes to me who may need me, want me..and I bring selfish thinking of me alone my needs. Again not sure why I sway this way..I do know when I hold on too long of those inner bad feelings I tend to shut down doors and want to sleep my days away. Some times I have..Rest often helps too..mine can find better place perhaps to heal. Refocus..never let it eat you alive as then may be too late to help. Get help. Never be afraid to reach out..there are good people out there who are dedicated to help make things get better for you..



    i replied but cant see my reply

    me neither..


    m,aybe you clicked too early, or er :unsure:


    I hope things improve for you Echo but would question whether depression is a mental illness or a natural state of affairs to a finite existence. Society decrees in what is perceived to be a normal life for the first 15-22 years of life we attend educational establishments normally learning material that has no relevance in the real world unless your course/degree is tailor made to a specific job. Then society demands for the next 45 years we all work in jobs which can be underpaid, mundane whilst paying extortionate prices for piles of bricks and mortar juggling obscene charges/bills in tax /energy companies etc. On top of that we all have to negotiate the daily risks of crime being stabbed/ robbed which have been alluded to on the other thread, responsibilities entailed with children/relatives etc

    At the age of 65 or thereabouts society allows us to get off the rat race wheel of work with a persons best years behind them, with using a median average of life expectancy, less than 15 years left before oblivion( unless you are religious) which I’m not. Even then many of these years are likely to be dogged by ill health, suffering and possibly poverty issues as many pensioners are unable to survive on the meagre pensions paid out. The blueprint is hardly conducive to being cheerful is it?

    0-16/22 years of age = learning pointless information in a flawed curriculum

    22-65 years= rat race of in many cases awful futile job roles in order to be a valuable contributor to society

    65 to a likely age of around 80= deteriorating health, mobility issues

    80 or when the grim reaper calls= death with everything you were or are at time of death gone forever into oblivion with your corpse either incinerated or left to rot underground eaten by worms

    I dont see how anyone being depressed by that set of events is mentally ill, infact I’d say it was a natural reaction to a finite existence with no discernible purpose other than satisfying the whims of each persons own conscious state during the few years we are alive.

    Wow, what a response to someone saying they’re depressed. Firstly, thanks for the nihilistic and hopeless outlook on life. Secondly, depression (clinical depression as is being referenced on this thread) is not about feeling negative or hopeless at ones life situation (or the pointlessness of life in general), or going through ‘tough times’ as we all inevitably do experience at multiple points in our lives, but it is a chemical imbalance, an actual illness. It does not matter how positive or ‘upbeat’ someone is (and there are plenty of ways to be positive and look at life differently to how you clearly do) clinical depression means you simply feel dark, anxious and utterly hopeless to the point of despair. It is a dark foreboding blanket that covers everything and will not let up. People suffer with it to differing degrees, thankfully I’ve never had the experience (other than maybe brought on during comedowns from certain drugs), but I can relate to it and I’m sure it’s sheer hell. As for life being as futile as you point out, that is why people turn to religion, and want a hope for the future. You can mock them, or you can find your own way to cope with reality. However, when it comes to working 9-5 jobs for menial pay, that is a choice we all make. Many decide they don’t want that and start a business or find some other way to become successful in life. I never thought much of academia either, I will agree on the point that academic education is woefully outdated and also that particularly in recent times, further education or degrees are no longer a sufficient differentiation in the workplace, and do not guarantee a job or that you won’t struggle. Students leave university in debt and some never really get to the point they’re free and can save for retirement. But again, this is all a choice. No point moaning about it. Just find your own meaning in life and do the best you can. Be a hero, not a victim.

    A post saturated full of tired clichés with no substance to it in the real world epitomised by the hilarious ” be a hero not a victim” which sounds like you have googled some dodgy mid west American politician.

    There’s no reference to any ” clinical depression” in the original post so you can put the googled medical terms away. Depression which in this case is contributed to partially by the death of a relative , is not an illness but a natural reaction to life events.. something you know very little about Chrome living in F2 all day as a roast dinner trolling the place day and night about “destroying people”. If an OAP was terminally ill living in poverty and was  depressed, it wouldn’t mean they have a chemical imbalance contrary to your ridiculous labels you dish out to people, but a natural reaction to lifes events.

    I’m curious what a man in his mid 30s who threatens to “destroy echo” and numerous others in chat which she will confirm using googled pictures from amazon to attract women , tales of cage fighting pretending to earn thousands a day on betfair knows about life, depression or anything quite frankly.


    American Psychological Association>de…

    “Depression (major depressive disorder) is common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act… .”

    You can digest the rest on your own


    I feel the same of my mom, gone since 2007; I have depression from my childhood, thankfully you must always have been strong. I had to Learn how to be strong. I care to easily now because of never feeling loved, I always want to make people feel good about themselves. It make me feel good. Nem if you get to Minnesota look me up, we’ll have some good times. You can live in the woods with not many neighbors and yet be close to town. It is beautiful here and reasonably priced to live. Really beautiful and lots of lakes. :heart:


    American Psychological Association>de…

    “Depression (major depressive disorder) is common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act… .”

    You can digest the rest on your own

    I’m not interested in “digesting ” anything from a yank textbook describing everything as an illness. Linda answer a simple question, if someone aged 70 is living alone with weeks to live in pain, no friends or family and is ” depressed”, are you suggesting he is mentally ill?

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    Geez no rude. Called some times last 5 stages of death perhaps. At 70. Depends on illness diagnoses.  Not suggested u digest. Should have said..what reported as. Sorry. Breathe babe. Breathe. Just comment.


    Look in your own UK books..then. don’t fault me. I am an American..





    Eventual death, demise..what u call it. O.k.

    So there.

    I do have some degrees and knowledge. I also agreed it all not mental for goodness sake. Give it a relax, reaction. Not a harsh directive at me. Geez… was bringing up info.



    I dont believe any book can accurately depict what goes on in each persons mind Linda regardless of it being American or English. The mind is far too complex for doctors/psychologists to be labelling like food in a supermarket. We are all on the spectrum of behaviour with thousands  if not millions of different traits which are unique and not defined by Dr Chrome and his googled psychology nonsense talking about being a hero not a victim attempting to assert  childish gimmicks to something very complex

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