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    I too agree with you Rude. All unique..designed, d.n.a. so right on.

    16 years legal profession, think 13 years now doing what I do not a licensed Doctor. However licensed, tested, (most yearly, retrained) so forth required by law, and we work under Doctors umbrella they call it..

    I have seen mental health used for excuse for so many many years that I too say.. “What can you not find no other word?” Everyone seems to use the word as a crutch..reason for just normal living in which bad hair day, or stress related to new situation. One Dr. Said to me once..brain such an important part that interfaces with so much in our own bodies it is described as mental state. Why use it often word.. mental.. how related to own body reaction to those situations. Complexed I agree. But not true root or cause to say all clinical.

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    My experience of mental illness would be tottaly alian to anyone who hasent sufferd from it.How much i needed and was glad of psychiatrists and psychologists to diognose and help me.

    Mental illnes is no joke.When i first had a break down,four years it took me to function with any kind of normality.All the while having to look after my familey.Hospitalized at one point.So terified of loosing my kids.The fear is real,the paranoia is real,the anxiety is real,the hypochondria is real.

    Getting diognosed takes years,getting the right ballance of medication takes years.You dont just walk in to the gp and say your depressed.My diognoses was a long process.

    These drs study for years and years to get to become a dr to have the knowledge to be abel to help.They are specialists.There whole life is dedicated to the practice.

    Evry 90 minuts in the uk someone takes there own life because of depression.Like the bodey the mind hase many illnesses,depression whether your 7 or 70 is a very real thing,whether its mild or sever or sircumstancial its all very real.

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    So well said. As a crisis worker not in their particular shoes..can not tell you how often I did and still do feel that pain. I carry that some times remembering..helping.. when I don’t know them.. some do. Impacts shared can blow another’s mind some times.. it is emotional and draining for both.. this is why when I take holiday away I need to regroup from the sorrow of others or I can be caught up with too many emotions. I say that for myself using I..but the many co-workers and multiple teams work with say same as well!

    Be well jamief. As with others I wish you strength, if need of course PM me. Confidentiality is an oath I take legally if on shifts or not…



    I’d just like to say, self promotion and self praise means nothing and is seriously starting to grate on my nerves.  The meaning of self- gratulatory :  Over weening, smug, self promoting,  self important….   Just sayin’ like ….


    Moosey sure hope NOT directing to me comment. I take what do seriously.  Sorry u not like it. What I do..Am. inbedded. Problem not know me…I do work like others long shifts. Many in fact..

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    Everyone has a right to their personal dignity (even on jc).

    Mental illness has a lot of causes, but the denial of personal dignity is a big one for many people.


    Michelle Obama has been in the UK – to a rapturous reception. She’s apparently written a very moving autobiography, and she’s described herself as suffering from ‘imposter syndrome’. That, of course, isn’t a mental illness, but it affects a lot of people who achieve a sudden success, especially if they come from a deprived background.


    If you’re suffering from that, the push into depression can be pretty easy if a sustained attack is made on your dignity.

    Fortunately, in jc, you had best get used to personal accusations and smear or get out of the kitchen pdq.

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    When you come in here,its been my experience you leave your dignity at the door.

    The personal slaggings iv had.I give as good as i get athough i just dont have the energy for it anymore.Most of the time i ignore it.Change is a great thing.Some people will never change,they just havent got the insight and grace to admit to themselvs they are wrong.Thats fine for them,in the mean time for me life is to short,to give them my time.While i am getting peace of mind and thriving more evry day.There still stuck in the same old groove,like a broken record ,playing over and over. :yahoo:

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    These drs study for years and years to get to become a dr to have the knowledge to be abel to help.They are specialists.There whole life is dedicated to the practice.

    Rubbish, one size doesn’t fit all .. you clearly haven’t read or understood anything I’ve typed. As if some doctor learning mantra from a book for years can help all people with different experiences, traumas and mindsets.. utterly ridiculous. You had a substance addiction to alcohol which can be treated, not all are like you Jaime so stop tarring everyone with the same brush.

    I’ll ask the same question that I asked earlier- a 65 year old living in poverty has weeks to live , isolated and diagnosed with terminal cancer. Is he “mentally ill ” because he is depressed ?

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    I first got tretaed for mental illnes at 17.Look rudeboy i have explaned all im going to about my personal circumstances,sorry if you cant grasp what im saying.More often than not alcoholizum is a symptem of something bigger,often mental illness.You have your vew and i understand where your comming from,i respect where you are with your thoughts on the matter.


    I think yes,they would be very depressed and that depression due to the circumstanses would be considerd mental illnes.I think they would be put on medication to help them deal with the worry and stress.circumstansual depression  if sever enough would cause black depression that would need medication,i would think anyways.Just my vew. :scratch:

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