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    Character assignations call it what you like. But when people like that wish me harm openly..I take that character seriously if in my area..close proximity..long distance or not. That is mere cruel actions of one we find excuse for what..wished my death in a plane crash. I travel on holiday very soon.

    Yes, I am a woman..yes..have a great deal of patience, empathy, compassion..however my own woman limits go so far.. so sick it up to hatred too..a woman takes another too far..yep I am allowed as a woman to let my own hair down..and be a woman.. oops in my genes..

    As for what is important in life. What scep you feel is important in life matters.. much more than ones feelings.. should I feel sorry when you move away from your home..displaced..listen to government who rules your mind..but not your heart. Where is that expression come from. Home..heart best. Yep fight for your freedom..your fight your parliment..that not all that matters in life..relationships are built on is for living..not the is learning, exposing one self to challenges..picking your self better moving forward. Emotions allowed..shared…  your political worries and woes..views..of life.. only. Not think so..more than politics in my opinion. Politics will always be politics. The beauty of live.. we design it for each of us when things not work out beauty of life we make those changes for us. Not politics..good luck.. life short..dont get wrapped up in politics it will give you heart palpitation. U live shorter.


    Lol linda,iv seen you very passanonate about polotics when it has anything to do with the usa.I know you dont hate anyone though.I dont hate anyone either,infact when it comes to mizzy,i just wish she would get it together.I really cant have her taking the piss out of me because she thinks shes that little bit brighter than me.With me she was hedging her bets,i was ok to rant off to but not to have anything to do with her chat room or be in the know with how things were going.Funny that i got the blame for spreading things about the chatroom when i hadent been in or knew that much about it all.Fact is i had much problems of my own to think about.Anyways thats by the by.I just want to think she is well and is getting the help she needs.

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    Linda, I wasn’t referring to you when I  said I’d had enough of this rubbish.

    But I did answer you at length.

    As Jamie says in a good post, you’re very interested in politics yourself.

    I’m also passionately interested in poetry.

    And I am not going to try to drive anyone out of the boards by isolating them. I wouldn’t do it to Jamie when it happened to her (and it happened to her bigtime), nor you, Linda, with all the lies and nasty flaming that surrounded you, and I’m not going to with the dodger. I chat to Tracy (when I bump into her) and I’ll chat to the dodger (if I ever bump into her). I’ve never made any secret about any of that.

    I assume that you’ve not found anything to disagree with in my answer to you, so that’s settled.

    If you have, then just write it and I’ll try to answer.

    Good luck


    Thank you jamief and scep.

    You are right jamief in all honesty I do not have a mean bone in my body and most often do get those who need a sounding board come after me which I attract like magnets. Take it to degree..hee. you both know what I mean..

    As for politics jamief..I was very interested yes when our Towns were getting invaded by over development seekers pushing to build costly things in our neighborhood in which eventually would effect our taxes in a negative impact not positive. Meaning simple we have to pay more to improve so these developers could come up..dig up our lands..roadways..add forth we would pay for. The developer would then build promoting our area using his name making big bucks…not pay dime in taxes. I saw red..couldn’t afford any like scep I worried. Complained..and then one day said that it.. going for a fight with our local senators, counsel members. I needed to stop and sitting wishing..not only did I voice..I became active in politics..Trust me never ever wanted to or interested..but if I wanted to live here..knew couldn’t sit be quiet and wait…

    So that how I got involved and found the passion to fight for neighbors..our seniors…our children.

    This person I fought with several years ago and developers was our now President of the U.s.a. yes I laugh when people don’t understand these people live some where before the White House. Mine happens to have lived 25-30 years 15 minute drive from me. Nope as a few people have said I had an affair with trump..too funny… I have had big fights with his developers..and trust me never forgot me..or forget me still.

    Glad we tried to be adults here.

    Thanks. X


    Just out of intrest skep I was wondering what food you are going to stockpile?

    Is it soup?


    Strange question to ask here, milky.

    I’m not intending to stockpile any food, as I already said on another thread, but you wouldn’t believe what foods some people are stockpiling.

    Mind you, as Brexit Day nears, if the no-deal option is still on the table, I’d be worried about not stockpiling food in case everyone else is about to stockpile, if you understand me.


    Well seems you survived!


    LMAO oh dear……



    People don’t half talk porkies in here.


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