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    Have you seen him in his speedo’s yet?

    I have ;-)

    Hung like a horse Fishy and not a fooking Seahorse 😂 :good:


    children could read this

    how vulgar 🤢🤮




    I’d like to ride sommer  :yes:


    Was going to put up AC/DC’s Dirty deeds

    how juvenile 🙄



    how juvenile 🙄


    And you just had to comment  :whistle:

    And I’m still waiting for that knock on the door to be arrested 😂

    And please start your posts with a capital letter numbnuts, now that’s being juvenile  :bye:


    i dont always use capitals at the start of post either look,

    who gives a fck about grammar as long as people know what im on about  thats all that matters to me,pah spelling police and the grammar gestapo

    pass me a bucket.

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    all happening lately Linda phoning coneheed and somer meeting Tracy number 1 who would have thought it 🤔





    I’m busy waxing me bits for sommers new hot tub  :yes:

    It mite be inflatable but so are most of me friends  ;-)


    normal people have inflatable friends 🤔



Viewing 10 posts - 131 through 140 (of 187 total)

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