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    People Just Do Nothing:Bi In Japan.

    Story about a cricketer who goes to Japan to play cricket and ends up batting for both sides.



    So once again he diverts his discrimination towards the Scottish so how does the public feel about his homophobic outlook on things.? Not forgetting about making fun of my dear departed mother in 2012 come on folks it’s all there in black and white


    Di Hard.

    Story of a Welshman and his sheep B-)

    Not only does he discriminate the Scottish he discriminates the Welsh too  :unsure:


    Well somer1 my mummy died in 2012 so somer1 put that in your pipe and smoke it you sad cnut wake up

    Welcome back (again) Morg  :whistle:

    How long will you be about for this time?

    Until Martin sharpens his axe  B-)


    saying fux me

    i do a new thread instead read up


    Helloo Sommers good to see you on here. it has been years. This is or use to be Bellevue and now Lupe.

    Guess you and cosy are rivals friends. lol. not to worry, he loves to be the center of attention. My bed time good nite.

    Lupe. Been in sooooooo many time in the morning (uk times) to see if your in. Deff catch up with you at some point. Till then TC. XXX


    Yet another diversion from his discrimination of the Scottish the Welsh his homophobic views here is his discrimination of the French below

    Can’t stand the french me 😂




    A Frenchman with a black shirt on. Couldn’t ref a game of boule let alone know the rules of fucking rugby :negative:

    Yet more discrimination  :unsure:


    Keep going Morgy boy. You will be asking mummy for a new JC account for Xmas  :good:


    Morning folks just to point out this is his third time he has made fun of someone’s dead parent

    Public’s thoughts on this :unsure:


Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 73 total)

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