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    The story of Taunton’s best ever cider


    The Neverendingtory.

    Story of a New Zealand’s man love for the Blue Party.



    No Kiwis were hurt in this thread

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    Story of a very hot tart.



    An Italian immigrant in Brooklyn NY is beloved by his neighbours and makes good on his restaurant business. Sees his children go to college.

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    The Dark Night

    Local billionaire procures an app to find the safest route home from dodgy areas in cities at night and if needs be automatically contact emergency services if you get mugged.

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    People Just Do Nothing:Bi In Japan.
    Story about a cricketer who goes to Japan to play cricket and ends up batting for both sides.


    lash gordon

    the general enjoys a bit of sado masochism

    whilst seiging khartoum




    Marley And E.

    The story of Marley who fooks up when off his face on Ecstasy.


    City Lickers.

    Story of a woman working in the sex industry.

Viewing 10 posts - 91 through 100 (of 152 total)

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