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    I love daft things like quizzes.. even the machines as my head is full of trivia :)

    years ago we were live on radio.

    tomorrow I shall vote Jeremy and hopefully come back and do a GD quiz.

    My brain is full of shite.. :)


    I know a lot of the answers but im  a one finger dobber as they call it in the trade and type with my head down,so say if the answer is bucks fizz

    when I look up im always 7th

    but like I said its not all about winning,its about being there

    cya tonight xx


    gd is a diamond.. when we used to be live on Radio Wirral.. and laughing. was a big event back then 10 years ago.. more than that.. she is a lovely lady and I’m gonna try come on.. we were split into 2 teams and mine won every week :) gd,, miss ye xx

    radio Wirral?


    remember the laughs with Esme and Diane.. the live radio.. the way we would howl laughing.. and rubys team always beat Pats team miss ya xx

    I remember that ……good time had by all  👍

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    f gd can be a bit bossy bootish,but hey that’s her job

    .  Sorry if I come across like that Orson, I do try to be more friendly than bossy, and I only boot when people are a pain and disrupt the quiz.  I fact if I was any more laid back I would be horizontal lol.

    Thanks for all the great comments, I am blushing now, I did a tot up the tonight and in the 11 years I have been running the quizzes I have asked 12,750 general knowledge questions, and thousands more on the themed quizzes I occasionally run.

    Nice to hear from you Ruby, long time no speak, and yes I remember the radio quizzes, pity they didnt continue, everyone roared with laughter at some of the answers given, my specialist subject I seem to remember was music, but with a mind full of trivial useless information I blagged my way through most topics.  In even had a go at the beat the intro competition they held and seem to remember I was the reigning champ when they stopped running it.

    Esme was always a laugh, a shame such a wonderful person is no longer with us.  Hope to see you in a quiz soon Rubes. miss ya xxxxx

    There is a quiz tonight (Thursday) so come along, have a go and enjoy the banter.  We are a great crowd in the quiz room and we don’t bite, (well not often lol)  All people welcome, but it is better if you register then you can have a permanent place on the league table rather than several guest numbers.


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    Weall said GD. It  is a good way  to pass an evening and yes it is a friendly crowd in the quiz.


    nah your not really a bossy boots I just said that for a laugh

    right anyway other things

    think buster did a good stint tonight wd you not easy is it?

    erm what else,i got summat on my mind but I cant remember what it is?



    oh yeh I can this radio thing was it about 2006 ish ?

    I remember diane  (who incidentally was nay is still the greatest poster that ever graced a chat site r,i p xxx)

    but my minds a bit sketchy what actually went on,,any clips pics etc.


    oh ps I didn’t know until tonight

    me and GD have both had the same job.


    hiya honey.. what a laugh we had at that time,, replied to orson a wee minute ago. I used to always be told ” no swearing”. but then someone mentioned politics :) Live on radio and me behaving.. ? I was kinda half mad as I was newly widowed and drank too much. It was Company for me. suffice to say, all is well and I still take a small sherry..on occasion.

    The laughs, I shall never forget :)

    the people.. I shall eternally miss.

    the politics ? will still get on my own wick, and I might shout (still) Life is calm.. life is good xx


    hi rubes I be up all night I see you in chat yeh xxx

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