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    sorry GD,, I came in for a few nights.. Then realised why no fucker comes in.. You CANNOT tell folks what to think.. I swore as a case of laughter.. ye can shove yer quizzes right up yer erse !


    LOL! sounds like a bit of a riot…ill give it a butchers this week some time.

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    sideways :)


    Sorry you feel that way Ruby, but as a guide I have to point out when bad language is used, it was not meant in a controlling way, it is just one of the jobs a guide has to do.

    Will leave it up to you, and if you come back OK, if not I will understand why.


    yeh  wheest  yae gums,ruby,swearing will not be tolerated on GDs,quizn.either will abbreviations,or oi you blind bitch I was third

    you know what my motto is,if you cant play,get off the park.


    Great quiz tonight( Sunday) thanks GD see yo all soon


    Typing ability doesn’t matter. Winning or losing doesn’t matter. It’s a quiz…not a test. No one gets prizes, no one walks away victorious, we just know those who take part better.


    Community not competition.

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    good quiz tonight as per,apart from the two idiots determined to spoil it aka mizzy and… hush my gums shall I say his name ,nah no point gd  knew and booted him

    mizzy was on her last legs and pleaded with gd to let her stay

    so she did as long as she stayed quiet

    which was easy as she didn’t know any answers


    but my point is we are a tight knit community in quiz

    we don’t want  or need riff raff

    I,e one question was  a country did something clue c

    and mizzy typed clymidia

    you know what im saying?

    so I go in room and there she is again a trollin scrollin and a scammin

    is it time to get rid of her?

    cos I tell you what if shes there on sundays quiz ,I will log out.




    PML you have no sense of humour at all lol.  I’m sitting here laughing my face off.  You’re a joke love, I have you on block I cant see a single stupid word you type.   Put me on block love lol.

    You are so lame.


Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 74 total)

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