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    hi east midlands GAL here

    ive probably got the warmest duvet in europe

    i could out tog anybody  if i wanted to

    but id rather  call other regs liars cos i can cos im a secret mod.


    see if you can guess who ***** *** is right jols👍

    cleared to land,  me,  jols and ***** *** were all going on holiday on cleared’s aeroplane right….🥳 all of a sudden the aeroplane malfunctions and is going to crash right…..and with only 3 parachutes right😁….and well with you being in charge jols…you give cleared the first parachute….he jumps out….weeeeeeeee…he is safe… then you give ***** *** a parachute….they jump out……weeeee…they are safe…..well jols i felt gutted as there was only one parachute left….which was obviously yours🥳   welllllll i go and sit in the corner thinking the ***** ****** ****** proper seething with rage…..Then you sit there laughing😋🥕



    then you say cmon bud ha do not worry i gave ***** *** your havasack :yahoo:


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    knock knock😁

    who is it :unsure:

    the police

    scarper’s out the attic window along the roof….down the lamp post…..straight into the pub😋🥕🍷



    i tell you what i have noticed buddingtons your yellow pic is very clever its an optical illusion innit?

    its like a budha but its also a thumbs up

    you thought it was going to escape  my attention dintcha?oh you know that batman logo did my head in for years that

    and oh forgot what im saying now soz bye B-)



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    you know that gated area jols lad👍well columbo next door is on a witness protection scheme…so big bri started chatting the security woman up…turns out columbo is a guy big bri’s mate wants a word with….so when he gets a slap….so will that other cry baby😋🥕

    if anyone asks just say we were chatting about a documentary about organic chickens😁👍


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    big bri has booked us 3 rooms at the church barn hotel…free wi fi too😋🥕 oh and he us paying👍🍷😁 they do a free fry up as well…happy days :yahoo:

    bri has borrowed 3 grifters😁 so we can get there and back without being seen🥳

    can’t wait to see old *****’s mush when we crop up :yahoo:


    do keep this to yourself though laddo….the eyes that never sleep could be clocking



    hurry up jols….big bri is getting us pizza n kebabs👍


    on it like a car bonnet  mate

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    jols…my boiler has blew up :negative: thing is i own my house👍….BUT….i am insured😁…so i rang them to say ” look i need to make a claim for a new boiler ” then they go silent for a few seconds…..then i hear just need to pop you on hold until i grab my book of Get Out Clauses…..then i sat listening to shaken stevens….behind the green door for 3 hours….anyway they come back and say….under section 3 page 982 of the insurance get out clauses..we do not cover blown up boilers….Do you know anyone that could get me a cheap boiler jols lad ;-)

    Moral of the story….Insurance companies are a joke….alright when you…******G pay….BUT….when you need to make an honest claim they screw you over….. :negative:


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    I do love everyone ❤️

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