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    You know me…..ill fight off the negative to say some thing positive….the boards aren’t a place in all honesty to express your like or dislike of certain individuals Rose….it’s called trolling…..but hey…..Demelza’s at his patronizing best so i’ll just carry on…..([email protected])

    Does like Demelza like his ribs well done?……LMAO RATF PML….

    Funny who turns up on the boards at any given time in my opinion…….LMAO RATF PML

    I will repeat… my opinion….

    Funny how people justify others slagging others off if it suits their own mission….

    Some thing tells me…..Demelza wears a suit……LMAO RATF PML…..probably smokes a pipe as well…….LMAO  ok that was made up just for a laugh….hang on…i’m not sure it was…..PML RATF LMAO





    You seem a little obsessed with me MisterQ…..carry on…….if it makes you laugh. Someone has to!


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    Mrq has started writing poetry does this manhave no end to talents?

    Mrq on the boards here you have been digging out people

    Telling storys to us as tall as steeples.

    Why the dire jokes the crazy babble?

    On the boards I wish he didn’t dabble.

    Hes had important jobs, even been in the army

    Lovely guy honest sincere never comes across as snarmy

    Really don’t like him gets on my breasts

    Been attacked by his friend the seagull in a tree he nests

    Is mrq a virgin?  Do you think hes ever left the uk?

    Please write one about me halfwit have a nice day.

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    You seem a little obsessed with me MisterQ…..carry on…….if it makes you laugh. Someone has to!

    Dems I like you but don’t go a lot on ya new shadow  :whistle:   :whistle:

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    Dems I like you but don’t go a lot on ya new shadow

    it goes with my suit and pipe!

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    Milky as I am a romantic lol, love your poetry, my my babe made my day. X Your talents so impressive heeeeee. Thank you for cheering me up. Xx


    Have a think why you’re so unpopular, q.

    For me, as for many, it’s the total insensitivity you showed towards Belle when she was widowed. Everything I’ve gathered about Belle – and I’ve chatted to her over a long period – is that she is a lovely woman who moved to Colorado to her new husband, and that she found great happiness with him. His death  must have been a devastating blow, with long-term consequences.

    With Belle, as with others from jc who have died or lost loved ones, there are people ehre who show their best, expressing their sympathy and support :good: :good: .

    Q, you have shown jc at its worst :negative: :negative: .

    Why don’t you just give an apology, and make you way back to being acceptable to civilised company on jc?

    That is stated without any malice towards you :-(


    Why dont you aplogize for your own behavior Sceppers me old chum? It was great when orson was attacking me every post i wrote and you either liked or thought it was so funny and even kept encouraging him your self. Very funny indeed Sceppers…….i see milky and somer are still bum chums teaming up with demelza…..LMAO……

    Your quite right Sceppers……but then you normally put me down when your climbing on the popularity ladder……no offence….

    I see demelza is getting cocky with somer and milky……..actually proves my point…….

    Funny thing is……you all seem to be thinking that who gets in with who is the most popular here…..yer probably right…..How ever… the saying goes…..2’s company three really is a crowd…..(LMAO i didn’t even think of that before i wrote it…well observant of me…so don’t assume you know what i mean)…….

    Funny how milky has to be with somer and vice versa to gang up these days……LMAO PML RATF….

    Well if you agree with each other you must be right?…LMAO RATF PML



    Q. You have gone out your way to attack Demelza,Angel,and the lowest of the low a thread where people who have spoke to belle and got to know to say sorry about her loss.

    You really are a twat.

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