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    I was chatting to a Nurse friend yesterday and he told me for the first time since the epidemic started the hospital where he works they had no intake of covid patients that’s a great positive

    I do know however it may not last long due to the new strain



    So do the vaccines work or not?



    Well with this new India variant…. I’m not sure.   The governments clearly worried and brought forward the second vaccinates by 4 weeks.




    So do the vaccines work or not?


    the flu one duz :good:

    Oh and the malaria 1 :bye:


    aware all issues and ongoing new spread. having seen videos and pics of some areas where  new type is spreading we can easily see lack of face masks and social distancing . So not surprising so fast a spread.    We also hear certain sections of  community in UK do NOT want to be vaccinated. Though at moment it is not compulsory one cannot help wondering is we changed our rules a wee bit. Not  to make it compulsory but if you refuse ( as to not being offered it) vaccine and catch Covid then need  High level hospital services? how about THETY pay for it! after all was their choice to risk infection. much like not wearing a seat belt and having an accident . at moment  society sees need to have  that as compulsory ( as to a vaccine ?) but do not charge idiots NOT wearing a belt in an accident . we need to start using a bit of common sense and those that risk our lives and own  have to bear responsibility for such actions and decisions.  :wacko:

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    Dont worry H…this new strain is really contagious and they will catch it at anti lockdown protest.

    Maybe a few weeks in bed struggling for breath will teach them a lesson.  They’d need  to be at deaths door before a hospital will take them.  And if they were offer a vacation and turn it down…no sick pay due to being “self-inflicted illness”.





    Do the research people



    Bitchute.   Rumble   Telegram. Dr Charlie ward.   Good sighte for research.  Mel k.
    X 22    Start looking.   Vaccines not good



    So whats your answer then Sass?

    I personally think the vaccines are working hence our death rates have reduced and our hospitals are not over run with covid cases anymore.

    But i will listen to anyone who thinks the jab isn’t worth having….

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    Dr Charlie Ward

    A key British YouTube influencer is Charlie Wardwho lives in Spain and began uploading QAnon-themed videos during lockdown. While older clips about his personal life received barely any attention, his channel now boasts more than 170,000 subscribers and he has hosted discussions with FFTCUK leaders.

    Before Charlie became an online sensation, he had a whirlwind 60 years on the planet that saw him go from being a humble English kid brought up in bizarre religious cult in the 1960s to being an international financier and mover of money for the World’s governments.
    He was even offered a £1 million advance for telling his life story by the now disgraced and deceased PR guru Max Clifford back in 2010, his life story was so explosive. So Charlie has now put pen to paper and for the first time ever, has told the story of his life in his Official Autobiography “I’m Just Charlie”

    Reuters fact check him…. and found false claims about covid 19 vaccines.


    There seems to be no record of him having any medical training. I think his doctored must be a PHD, instead of MD?

    Mel K and Charlie Ward see:

    Overall….. neither of them live in the UK and both are benefiting financially from making QAnon-themed videos.




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