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    So do the vaccines work or not?


    Of course they do but if someone tells you they do you will argue they don’t won’t you?


    Every fucker is an expert

    fish wives all of you


    You are narrow minded.  Time will tell.   Then a sorry would be excepted

    B-) B-)   B-)




    Not narrow minded at all Sass, i find that to be an ignorant view, its a personal choice to have the jab or not to have the jab,  i thought better of you.


    Narrow minded people say “no” the most.

    No to food they never tried.

    No to new clothes or styles.

    No meeting new people.

    No to new ideas.

    Overall narrow minded people are backwards thinking, low risk takers who fear change.

    The new variant is ripping thru community’s in the north of England who refused the vaccine. The only thing “time” hi lighting in the UK right now is: no vaccination, no chance. In the next few weeks this variant will land on American shores.  God help you then.





    Sorry it’s off topic, anyone else not able to load the chat rooms?


    So do the vaccines work or not?


    Of course they do but if someone tells you they do you will argue they don’t won’t you?

    So people who have the vaccine are immune to covid and can’t catch it or spread it to other people?


    It seems so.


    From what i understand jab…u can catch covid from others if have.  Only thing is you will not become as ill if u had the jabs.

    NOW we allowed our opinions if we do or not take jab. ONE THING many jcers dont get, as American Nation of free people we have our legal rights to decide yes or no.

    Moderna has been worked on for many many many years here. Never approved by FDA. NOW covid hits and approved from them to use for covid. Umm what about Sars..Don’t think used that for that pandemic. And I have been doing some heavy research. Have any Of you? Check out changes possible with ur DNA.

    American people have never been forced to do things in this manner.  It a change in our system. SO if  forced to eat haggis and I dont eat haggis (yucky by the way) because I am told due to atmosophere change will help me breathe better, I have to because you think I have too. Look at  the mere b.s. with masks. One..two.. outside..inside.  now lifted mask and omg..our governor lifted but our government agency employer says we still need to wear them. So who controlling who with what right if they cant get it right.


    AND by the way sassey has always showed the love here. In the years tbh I have been here sassey never really gets involved with politics but with a one liner or two. Never has shared her deep thought on a vaccine and lately our politics. So now that her flower shinning and blooming (being truly serious expressing opinion) people going to be disappointed with her. How truly sad..

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 242 total)

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